Writing as: Kim Black

According to the bio on Amazon: "Kim Black is an award-winning writer and designer. She is a member of the Texas High Plains Writers and has served as President of that organization.

Kim writes novels and keeps a blog from her home in the Texas Panhandle. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Riley, and kids, Sam, Whitney, and Sean.

She writes Historical Christian Fiction and Children's books under the name Kimberly Black."

Series Books
The LBD Project Little Black Dress (2018)
  Red Heels (2018)
  Bare Essentials (2019)
Other Discovered [Cover] (2013)
  Cover Up [Cover] (2014)
  Take Cover [Cover] (2014)
  Uncovered Scars [Restoration Trilogy] (2014)
  Unload Lies [Restoration Trilogy] (2014)
  Just One Night vol 1 (2015)
  Just One Night vol 2 (2015)
  Just One Night vol 3 (2015)
  A Heart for William (2015)
  Victory in the Morning (2016)
  Supernatural Sight (2020)