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Full Name: Father Flenn
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Priest

Creator: Scott Arnold
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


Father Scott Flenn is an Episcopalian Priest.

That certainly does not qualify him for membership in this club. His having been, prior to deciding to take up the cloth, working for quite a few years in the CIA might. The fact that he keeps landing into situations where he and a former CIA partner, Zack Matteson, have to take on quite unpleasant sorts who are out to do very unnice things to the country does.

When we meet Flenn for the first time, this green-eyed, wavy sandy-brown haired man now entering his middle ages is the vicar at Saint Ann's Episcopal Church in a community in Alabama. "The dwindling congregation could no longer afford a priest on their own, so they had jumped at the chance six years ago to have Father Flenn become their vicar. Flenn's only stipulation had been that the congregation allow him the use of the vicarage as his home, along with the freedom to set his own hours during the week. Granted, Flenn had done some peculiar things since he'd arrived, such as taking part in several protests in Birmingham, as well as leading a variety of social justice committees for the Diocese of Alabama."

Though the members of the church "knew" that he came from a wealthy New England family, Flenn had made sure they understood that while he was working for free, he was not paying any of the church bills - that was their responsibility. He also let them know that he might be forced to leave at any time so they should be prepared for that possibility.

To most of the world that had knowledge of Flenn, prior to entering the clergy he had simply been a representative for Flenn Industries after he'd left the Air Force. A lot of people, including his own mother, had thought that his frequent disappearing acts and secret activities were part of his being a playboy. He kept his actual work to himself and while those in authority in the Agency know full well what he did on the country's behalf during his dozen years with them, no one outside had any idea.

And even the Agency has little understanding what happened in a combined CIA/MI6 mission in Edinburgh that told him not only was a change of career in order but one in the service of God was in order.

Oh, one note on how Father Flenn is able to afford to work at Saint Ann's for the past six years without being paid a salary. Flenn's grandfather had started Flenn Industries and insisted never be publicly traded. That company had over the years diversified into "solar power, heavy-duty earthmoving equipment, water purification, and a half-dozen other interests [which] made Flenn Industries one of the most successful privately-owned conglomerates in the nation". Flenn, his father, and his older brother David were billionaires several times over as a result. Flenn can afford to do whatever Flenn chooses.

One other major player in the adventures we have of Father Flenn in the aforementioned Zack. The relationship between the two is quite interesting. Each has saved the other's life more than once and would do so again. However, it is not a perfect symmetry. Flenn has to remind himself on occasion that "Zack still had a number of redeemable qualities. After all ... 'One' is a number."


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

1 Uncommon Prayer Uncommon Prayer
Written by Scott Arnold
Copyright: 2019

What does a murdered teenage hooker and a missing debutante from Birmingham have in common? It did not see like much but it would bring Father Flenn back into contact with his former CIA life. Along with a detective and one of Flenn's former associates, they will go up against a billionaire and the son of an evangelist in a cast that involves foreign attempts to affect the US presidential election.
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2 Rites Of Revenge Rites Of Revenge
Written by Scott Arnold
Copyright: 2019

A drone strike that nearly kills Father Flenn in a small Honduran village is the first foray by a madman to get even with Flenn. As he and his former associate, Zack, will learn, the conspiracy to kill Flenn reached high in the Agency.
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3 The Poisoned Chalice The Poisoned Chalice
Written by Scott Arnold
Copyright: 2019

In Durham, England, on a sabbatical. Father Flenn is present when a poisoning in the city's cathedral shocks the public. The fact that it is not the only such attack in England makes the authorities talk terrorism but where is its origin? A resurfaced IRA is one suspect. Russia is another. Flenn decides to try and find out himself, along with his old friend Zack. Zack is in the area for a problem all of his own.
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4 Shadow of the Saint Shadow of the Saint
Written by Scott Arnold
Copyright: 2020

The reason why Father Flenn left his career with the CIA is known only to him and his former partner, Zack. Now situations require that he return to Scotland and face that secret but an even bigger secret will cause considerable trouble.
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If asked to come up with something to not like about the Father Flenn adventures, I would need to ask for some time to think about it. And then after that time, I would probably shrug and say I did not come up with anything.

The writing is excellent. The pacing is really good. The plots are interesting and plausible - even scary. And the characters are terrific.

Zack Matteson is such a good character he deserved his own series - and then he got it! And I was thrilled to learn that and grabbed the two books.

But it is Father Flenn who runs the show and rightly so. He is terrific!


My Grade: A-


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