Writing as: Scott Arnold

According to the bio on Amazon: "Scott Arnold is an author, Episcopal priest, and a child/adolescent psychotherapist. (He was vice president of Homewood Counseling Associates in Birmingham for ten years.) His love for writing goes back to his childhood when he wrote his first poem in second grade. His first novel, "Uncommon Prayer" sold rapidly. The second novel, "Rites of Revenge," will be followed soon by a third, "The Poisoned Chalice."

A former member of the Tennessee Press Association, Scott was a newspaper reporter and editor of two Tennessee newspapers. Scott and his wife Diane have three children and three grandchildren."

Series Books
Father Flenn Uncommon Prayer (2019)
  Rites Of Revenge (2019)
  The Poisoned Chalice (2019)
  Shadow of the Saint (2020)