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Full Name: Blake and Val Salinger
Nationality: British
Organization: The Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Adam Nicholls
Time Span: 2015 - 2016


Blake Salinger is a marketing executive.

Val Salinger is an agent with the Agency.

I mentioned Blake Salinger first because he is the first of the two that we meet. In that meeting, he is going about his normal workday when the police enter a presentation with the news that he is wanted for murder. His victim? Val Salinger.

Val Salinger is Blake's father and while it seems Blake did not have a reason for patricide before the arrest, he definitely had one afterwards. Blake tells the police detectives that he loved his father but that they had been distant for some time and it had been over a year since they last talked. The police did not buy it.

When we first meet Val Salinger, in the first chapter of the first book, he is being disturbed from his sleep with his wife by a man who has come from the Agency to kill him. It is interesting the number of people who want this man dead.

Speaking of the Agency and being dead, that is apparently the main purpose for this really unknown and unnamed piece of the government intelligence community. The Agency did not do espionage work so much as "for lack of a better term - solved problems". That solution usually came in the form of eliminating the problem, i.e., killing someone. Val Salinger was especially good at elimination. Which is definitely not like being the accountant that Blake thought his father was.

If the relationship between father and son was strange enough, it will become even odder when the son moves on to being a part of the very agency that wants the father dead.

Good Line:
- From a spymaster with the Agency: "When you're the head of an agency full of puppets, you had to stay active in order to work the strings."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2015

This series originally came out in 2015 as a trilogy of individual books but then repackaged in one omnibus called "The Salingers Trilogy". A few years later, the stores were renamed and re-released after they had "undergone developmental edits to bring the reader an enhanced experience".

The books definitely comprise three parts to the whole, hence the trilogy, and I would strongly recommend that they be read in order to make any sense.

1 Clean Kill Clean Kill
aka Keeping With Killers
Written by Adam Nicholls
Copyright: 2015

Blake Salinger was a marketing man in his mid-30s who biggest problem was staying awake during some presentations. Then the police rushed into a meeting and arrested him for murdering his own father. It is then that he learns Dad was not a simple businessman but an operative with a secret organization called the Agency.

2 Dead Ties Dead Ties
aka Running With Rebels
Written by Adam Nicholls
Copyright: 2015

Still on the run for murder, Blake Salinger must contend with a rogue government agency and the LAPD both wanting him. And there is the matter of his dead father who is not really dead. Certainly looks like good reasons to call on some odd friends for help.
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3 Last Hunt Last Hunt
aka Living With Liars
Written by Adam Nicholls
Copyright: 2015

Now a part of the Agency, Blake Salinger still has his plan going to take down that organization and possibly do an end to his father, Val.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

After the original trilogy, under their first titles, had come out, this prequel was released. After the trilogy was re-edited and renamed, I have found no evidence of this novella having similar work done nor can I see any part of it inside the new versions.

1 Fighting With Fire Fighting With Fire
Written by Adam Nicholls
Copyright: 2016

Taking place in 2003, this tells of the mission of Val Salinger and his partner being sent to free "the Agency's kidnapped heir". Like other missions there is a lot the two are not told about things but this secret will get them killed.


Wow, talk about daddy issues. Getting arrested for killing your father when at the time you had no real reason for doing so - that's bad. Learning later that maybe you had a reason all along - that's worse.

Of course there is the question of whether dad is really dead at all. And if he is or is not, why is that government agency so interested?

I got to feeling very sorry for Blake Salinger. I got to liking, despite myself really, Val Salinger. He is pretty good at keeping his enemies from killing him.


My Grade: B


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