Writing as: Adam Nicholls

According to his bio in his books: "Adam Nicholls grew up in the southwest of England, where he studied creative writing while working a variety of full-time jobs. When his Mason Black series was first published, he quickly became a bestseller and then went on to create a name for himself in the thriller genre. Adam now lives with his wife in Bristol."

Series Books
Bloodline Clean Kill (2015)
  Dead Ties (2015)
  Last Hunt (2015)
  Fighting With Fire (ss) (2016)
Other Black Widow [Evie Black] (2016)
  Black Magic [Evie Black] (2016)
  Black Out [Evie Black] (2016)
  Missing [Mason Black] (2018)
  Masquerade [Mason Black] (2018)
  Manhunt [Mason Black] (2018)
  You Saw Too Much [Lori Turner] (2018)
  Don't Look Back [Lori Turner] (2018)
  Hard Press (2018)
  Kill Game (2018)
  Now You See Her (2019)
  In Her Shadow (2019)
  Kill for Me [Detective Sara Hunt] (2019)
  Forget Me Not [Detective Sara Hunt] (2019)
  Run from Me [Detective Sara Hunt] (2019)
  Don't You Dare [Morgan Young] (2019)
  Watch Them Die [Morgan Young] (2019)
  Let Me In [Morgan Young] (2019)
  One Last Breath [Detective Jessie Talbot] (2020)
  Between Two Evils [Detective Jessie Talbot] (2020)