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Full Name: Geoffrey Callaghan
Nationality: British
Organization: Military Intelligence
Occupation Spymaster

Creator: Michael Chesney
Time Span: 1938 - 1939


Geoffrey Callaghan is the head of British Military Intelligence.

Being in the Army himself, Callaghan holds the rank of Colonel as he leads what amounts to the total of intelligence gathering for the British Empire before the turn of the 20th century. His career there must have been quite interesting because he has from the time we first meet him the nickname of "Steel". Why is as yet unknown to us but definitely leads the reader to believe that either his pre-Intelligence military career was challenging or his time in charge of all military intelligence gathering for the Crown needed tremendous fortitude. Or both.

Callaghan's area of operations is worldwide because the British Empire still maintains considerable control across the globe. We can watch him first work diligently with his select team as well as operative from French Intelligence to interrupt rampant arms sales to the Far East, providing counter-forces with the means to contradict laws and edicts from the U.K.

In his next recorded adventure he and his closest assistant, a man named Yusuf, travel to the Northwest Frontier of India, in a region that would later become the country of Pakistan. It is there that a group referred to as "Haji" are becoming extremely active in disrupting British control of the area and it falls to Callaghan and company to find out who these mysterious rebels are, learn where they are headquartered, and determined how best to put down the revolt.

The third adventure sees the intrepid Colonel, along with a good friend, in South America helping out a woman to fight off a band of very persistent and dangerous raiders who want the priceless Inca jewel she has - but the question then arises of where she got it in the first place!

Callaghan may be the head of an Intelligence branch but he definitely sounds like a hands on person. In the blurb for the third tale, it is said "he was not the man to await his chance; he created opportunity by carrying the war into the enemy's own camp. 'Act first and ask afterwards' was a slogan that had always served him well in the past and there seemed no reason why it should fail him now. and when Callaghan moved, things began to hum."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1938
Last Appearance:1939

1 Callaghan Of Intelligence Callaghan Of Intelligence
Written by Michael Chesney
Copyright: 1938

"Colonel Callaghan, Chief of Military Intelligence, was aware that war material was being smuggled from England to the Far East, and realised the aims and purposes behind the syndicate controlling the transport. But his task of eliminating the menace was immensely difficult, and only those so intrepid as himself and his gallant assistants could have succeeded. The tale of their efforts is a stirring one."

"An unsuspected and cleverly organized syndicate [exists], which is buying arms from British, French, and American firms to send them to bases abroad, gaining an enormous profit from the eventual sales. Colonel Callaghan, Chief of the British Military Intelligence, becomes fully alive to the purpose and power of this dangerous organization through a column in a daily newspaper. With a few selected followers and the full co-operation of the French, he pits his wits against the science and unscrupulous power of his and his country's foes. Of course he runs them to ground and the story reaches its climax dramatically."

2 "Steel" Callaghan
Written by Michael Chesney
Copyright: 1939

"Steel" Callaghan is in the Northwest Frontier of India where "his new task is to track down a Haji who was suspected of plotting an insurrection against the British". "A battle of wits between Briton and Asiatic." "For the sake of Empire it is vital that information shall be gained of a threatened insurrection by the Haji against British rule, and for this task, for which many a brave man might shrink, "Steel" Callaghan is selected. He and Yusuf, his lieutenant, beard the Haji in his den, taking their lives in their lands, and how they come out on top in a maze of intrigue is told in Mr. Chesney's best style."

3 Callaghan Meets His Fate Callaghan Meets His Fate
Written by Michael Chesney
Copyright: 1939

"With a priceless emerald from an Inca temple in her possession, Leila Van Daren was rescued from the hands of a gang of masked raiders by Colonel Callaghan and his friend Hastings.
But the crooks, well-versed in all the arts of terrorism, were not so easily to be deterred, and in a second daring attack they kidnapped Leila in spite of her armed escort.
Callaghan and Hastings seemed helplessly trapped, but tight corners and desperate odds were the breath of life to Callaghan."


I was not been able to find these books at any price I could or would afford - and then the two of the three books that I did see expensively offered were snatched up - not by me.

The quoted plots that I mention above for the first two books are compilations of reviews from several newspapers of the time. Try as I did, I could find no references to the third adventure so I know nothing about it and that is annoying because the title portion "Meets His Fate" sounds ominous!

One review of the first book had an interesting comment at the end in which it is stated that "it is delightful in its character study of Callaghan in whom I found the personification of a true Briton". It added that the book "can be read by schoolboy or schoolmaster, for the element of real excitement throughout the book is its chief and most welcome feature."


My Grade: -


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