Callaghan Of Intelligence

Callaghan Of Intelligence

Written by Michael Chesney

"Colonel Callaghan, Chief of Military Intelligence, was aware that war material was being smuggled from England to the Far East, and realised the aims and purposes behind the syndicate controlling the transport. But his task of eliminating the menace was immensely difficult, and only those so intrepid as himself and his gallant assistants could have succeeded. The tale of their efforts is a stirring one."

"An unsuspected and cleverly organized syndicate [exists], which is buying arms from British, French, and American firms to send them to bases abroad, gaining an enormous profit from the eventual sales. Colonel Callaghan, Chief of the British Military Intelligence, becomes fully alive to the purpose and power of this dangerous organization through a column in a daily newspaper. With a few selected followers and the full co-operation of the French, he pits his wits against the science and unscrupulous power of his and his country's foes. Of course he runs them to ground and the story reaches its climax dramatically."