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Full Name: Brigitte Sharp
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Antony Johnston
Time Span: 2017 - 2022


Brigitte Sharp is an agent with MI6.

She went by Bridge with her online friends. Or Ponty. When she talked with fellow computer hackers online, she preferred to remain as anonymous as she could. She was careful about her identity after her teenage arrest for hacking. Now in college, she wanted to make sure she did not screw up her chances of graduating by getting caught hacking again. But then a classmate was handed a business card by some civil servant and she got curious who it was and started looking and the looking lead deeper and she was pretty good to not get caught - until she was.

MI6, or SIS, did not have her arrested. They just made sure she kept her nose clean until she got the diploma and then gave her a job. The department was called Cyber Threat Analytics (CTA), the brainchild of the head of the group. After the 7/7 London bombings, he, a fairly new SIS handler, had pointed out that MI6 was in need of its own cyber branch because if it had had one, it might have been able to stop the attack. Sure, MI5 was technically in charge of domestic intelligence gathering and GCHQ was considered the expert but MI6 needed in that field as well because "foreign knowledge and intel, if combined with the technical skills required to monitor and analyze digital comms, would place it in the best position to connect the dots between resident actors and their mentors abroad".

CTA needed bright people with computer skills and understanding of how things worked under the surface of the web, outside of normal social media and merchant commerce. Sharp fit in well, or as well as she could fit in anywhere. After training and a reasonable amount of apprenticeship she was offered a position of "Operator In Theatre", otherwise known as field work. She had a senior partner who called the shots but she was really, finally in the field.

Then came the mission codenamed Doorkicker, the op that she had been a part of which, in her opinion, she had messed up and the operation went very wrong and her partner died. The powers that be saw things a bit differently than she but since it was her confidence that was the deciding factor to when or if she ever went operational again, her doubt ruled.

When we meet her for the first time, it has been three years since the incident and while she'd made a lot of progress, she still didn't feel ready. She had been happy working as an OIT and wants very much to get back to it but even after all these many months she says she is "still in therapy. I'm not ready".

Considering she was being shoved back into the field again, she needs to get ready really quickly.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2022

1 The Exphoria Code The Exphoria Code
Written by Antony Johnston
Copyright: 2017

Brigitte Sharp is a brilliant hacker for MI6 but is deskbound since a mission in Syria went very wrong. When one of her friends is murdered, Sharp believes her death was connected to a series of strange art posted on the web that she finds carry hidden messages. Decoding them, she learns of a mole in a Anglo-French drone project. Her bosses send her back in the field to learn more but that does not work out well for her.
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2 The Tempus Project The Tempus Project
Written by Antony Johnston
Copyright: 2020

A dangerous series of ransom-ware attacks around the country are the work of a brilliant hacker known as Tempus. Looking into them, Brigitte Sharp uncovers a plot to first disrupt the G20 summit in London and then to use crypto-currency as a means to alter the balance of power in the world.

3 The Patrois Network The Patrois Network
Written by Antony Johnston
Copyright: 2022

"When a renegade British officer steals plans for a high-tech weapon that could plunge whole cities into darkness, elite MI6 hacker Brigitte Sharp is sent to get them back. But her mission goes badly wrong.
Meanwhile a 'deepfake' video of a senior US politician calling for race war in Europe sends a flood of Americans to join neofascist militias on the continent. The Russians nurse a ruthless grudge against a fugitive whistleblower. In the wings, the Chinese flex their muscles. Everything seems connected…but how?"
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I enjoyed the daylights out of this series and could not wait to move to the second book once I finished the first. Unfortunately when that one got done, I had no more but with hope, there will be more coming because Sharp is a really fun character to follow, even with her doubts.

A good part of my enjoyment comes from being a computer programmer myself for many years though I never went the hacker route as I was too busy having a blast writing games. If it had not been for games, though, I might have been like Sharp though never as good as she. Still, in my imagination I loved putting myself in her shoes, at least up until people started trying to kill her.

Big thanks to the author for this series. Please give us more.

--Added 07/13/2023 - The author was kind enough to alert me that I had missed last year the release of the third adventure. My bad - but I am going to get a copy to read!!


My Grade: A-


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