1972 -

Writing as: Antony Johnston

According to the short bio on his website: "Antony Johnston is a New York Times bestselling writer and podcaster. The Charlize Theron movie ATOMIC BLONDE is based on his graphic novel; his BRIGITTE SHARP thrillers are critically acclaimed; and DEAD SPACE, his first videogame, redefined its genre. He also hosts the podcast WRITING AND BREATHING.

Antony’s books, graphic novels, and videogames include THE EXPHORIA CODE, THE TEMPUS PROJECT, DAREDEVIL, SHANG-CHI, SHADOW OF MORDOR, the ALEX RIDER graphic novels, the adaptation of Alan Moore's ‘lost screenplay’ FASHION BEAST, and more.

He lives and works in England."

Series Books
Brigitte Sharp The Exphoria Code (2017)
  The Tempus Project (2020)
  The Patrois Network (2022)
Atomic Blonde [creator]
Codename Baboushka [creator]