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Full Name: Jason Trapp
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jack Slater
Time Span: 2019 - 2021


       Jason Trapp is an agent with the CIA.
       At least he used to be. Up until six months before the first recorded adventure. He had been an operative for the Agency for two decades and had not thought about doing anything else, seriously at least. Then things on an assignment in Yemen had gone wrong and he ended up dead. Not really, of course, but as far as his up-until-then former employer was concerned he was.
       "He liked being a dead man. There was a freedom to it. Trapp had spent the last twenty years in the service of his country, shuttling from war zone to war zone, solving America's problems with the barrel of a gun. That kind of work does things to a man. Changes him. Makes him jumpy."
       "Mostly, Trapp looked like any other man. His face wore a rough, dark stubble that could be shaved off or grown out at will, and hid fresh scars only just beginning to fade. He was tall, at least six three, and topped with dark brown hair that was tousled and overgrown, intentionally disguising his rugged good looks. His sizeable, muscular frame was similarly lost in the bulk of a jacket that was two sizes too large. The only outward clue that he wasn't like other men could be found in his left eye. The right was a cold battleship gray, icy in the gloom and glittering in the light. But the left was different: split in two, black as night on one side, the same icy gray on the other."
       Just because he was no longer among the officially living, though, did not mean that Trapp had nothing to do. He had a mission of his own, one created because of the betrayal he suffered in Yemen which cost him his partner and nearly his own life. The mission was to find the one or ones who had decided that he was expendable and that their motives were more important than the stated objective and when he found them, he was going to make them pay.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2021

0 Hangman Hangman
Written by Jack Slater
Copyright: 2020

In this prequel, the year is 2005 and Jason Trapp has left the military and the fighting and the killing. He has purchased a bike and headed to the West. He never expected to meet someone who could change his life and give him a home. Then the violence came calling again when she was attacked/
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1 Deep State Deep State
Written by Jack Slater
Copyright: 2019

Jason Trapp was the most deadly the CIA had until someone double-crossed him and his partner was killed. Now he has been off the grid for months and wanting to stay that way. When terrorists attack an Amtrak train and kill hundreds, he knows he has to get back into the fight.
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2 False Flag False Flag
Written by Jack Slater
Copyright: 2019

A kill mission by the CIA went very wrong and one of its agents is kidnapped and many of its satellites are destroyed. Jason Trapp is determined to get Eliza Ikeda back no matter what it takes but there is no evidence who took her.
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3 Flash Point Flash Point
Written by Jack Slater
Copyright: 2019

The downing of an airliner is considered a horrible accident by the world. Not by the CIA Director who knows everyone on board were sacrificed to get one Russian who was fleeing. Jason Trapp is asked to learned to find out why the man felt he had to run and why the Russians could not let him live.
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4 Depth Charge Depth Charge
Written by Jack Slater
Copyright: 2020

While the U.S. President hoping that the cold war between America and Iran might be thawing, there is a very powerful man and a very deadly assassin who have horrific plans to the contrary unless Jason Trapp can stop their scheme.
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5 The Apparatus The Apparatus
Written by Jack Slater
Copyright: 2021

Mexico had reached the point of civil war with the fight against the drug cartels failing badly. The violence is spreading north of the border and the President wants a solution. When Jason Trapp starts to look into it, he sees there seems to be someone behind all the trouble, someone who purposefully brought it about.
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