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Full Name: Jed Walker
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Phelan
Time Span: 2017 - 2018


Jed Walker is an agent with the CIA.

Is when we first meet him. Was soon after that, the result of a little disagreement mostly because in the very early pages of the first recorded adventure (so not much of a spoiler alert needed), a higher-up in the Agency decides not only is Walker's service no longer needed, he is not either. It is not surprising that almost being shot by a coworker and then almost blown up by a friendly fire missile can dampen an agent's esprit de corps.

When we encounter him, he is in his very late 30's and has been in the business of being, as it is put several times in different ways, the sharp end of the stick in America's defense of itself.

Initially there had been his graduation from the Air Force Academy and his required service to the country, which he performed admirably as part of the Air Force Special Operations Command, specifically with the highly elite 24th Special Tactics Squadron - The USAF's equivalent of Army's Delta and the Navy's SEALS. He was on active duty when 9/11 took place and decided then that when his time came up, he would transition to a more active role in the fight against terrorism.

So it was that in 2005 he joined the CIA and found numerous missions that would get him deep inside the action and give him multiple chances to eliminate enemy threats. He was good at it and, if he were honest with himself, enjoyed the excitement and the danger and probably would have stayed with them for as long as his physical body would allow.

Except for a new terrorist group called Zodiac and issues with certain people inside the CIA and some major issues with his father.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2018

1 The Spy The Spy
Written by James Phelan
Copyright: 2017

Jed Walker is on the outside now, burned by the CIA. He is determined to clear his name and that will mean taking on Zodiac, a group planning 12 different terrorist attacks around the world. The only way to prove he was right is to find the man in charge but he has just 3 days to do it.
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2 The Hunted The Hunted
Written by James Phelan
Copyright: 2017

It has been 4 years since SEAL Team Six killed Bin Laden. Now someone is killing members of that group one by one. Even as he looks into this, Jed Walker is still chasing Zodiac and finding that the evidence points close to home.
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3 Kill Switch Kill Switch
Written by James Phelan
Copyright: 2017

As Zodiac starts attacking the US cyber-infrastructure, the best way to prevent massive destruction is for the President to implement the Kill Switch, turning off the Net long enough for the CIA and the Pentagon to track down the attackers. Unfortunately, the dozen-plus people needed to then restart the Internet are missing. Jed Walker has 48 hours to find them.
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4 Dark Heart Dark Heart
Written by James Phelan
Copyright: 2017

When Jed Walker first heard of the group smuggling people out of war-torn Syria into the U.S., he thought as others did that it was for humanitarian reason. Then he learns it has a very different, much more nefarious purpose and he is determined to stop it and them.
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5 The Agency The Agency
Written by James Phelan
Copyright: 2018

In this prequel, the year is 2005 and Jed Walker has recently joined the CIA. As Katrina nears the mainland, Walker's mission is to head to New Orleans looking for a group of Russians who are looking for something stolen from them in Afghanistan.
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Two things I felt kinda sorry for from the get-go of this series.

The first is the protagonist, Jed Walker, and the really crappy way that he is treated from the beginning all because of a group called Zodiac that he accidentally really irritated.

The second is Zodiac because once they went after Walker, he pretty much decided he was going after them and Walker shows he can be a very persistent man.

And really hard to kill.

There is lots and lots of action in this series and the writing is really, really good. I recommend it.


My Grade: A-


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