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Full Name: Kate Edison
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: L. A. Clayton
Time Span: 2020 - 2020


Kate Edison is an agent with the CIA.

She is applying to be when we first meet her and we can follow her from her initial interviews through her indoctrination and training because it is pretty obvious that apart from her slight case of nerves that show up now and then, this is a young woman absolutely determined to make the cut.

Edison would undoubtedly make an excellent candidate. She speaks several languages. She graduated at the top of her class in both her undergrad and law school, both of which were Ivy League. Her double major had been in International Law and Diplomacy and in Journalism. She has been grooming herself specifically for a position with the Agency for the past ten years. Her father had been an agent before his death and to honor him she decided when she was 16 that she would follow that career path and everything from that point on had been with that end in mind.

Edison stands 5'9" tall and has long blonde hair. She also has a photographic memory which will definitely help.

It is at the end of her extensive training that Edison will learn about from being recruited by the AGI, or Alternate Government Initiative. This is a shadow government organization begun during the Truman Administration to "be prepared to take control only under the circumstance that our current government lost power due to nuclear fallout or any other". Initially a stratocracy, it was allowed to pull from the FBI, CIA, or any other alphabet agency for its personnel.

Though she is offered a position with them, she will do the other direction and become part of those strongly opposing them, making her very much an enemy of this AGI. The big problem she has to face, beyond the fact that they want her dead, is that one or more of the people she serves with could likely be also an AGI operative. Who do you trust when there is really no one you can?


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2020

1 Ten Seconds To Dead Ten Seconds To Dead
Written by L. A. Clayton
Copyright: 2020

To honor her father's memory, plus do something she knew she would be good at, Kate Edison opts to try out for the CIA after law school. This follows her application, interviews, indoctrination, training, and her first time in the field.
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2 Ten Seconds To Total Exposure Ten Seconds To Total Exposure
Written by L. A. Clayton
Copyright: 2020

Nate Brown is a man Kate Edison's father had known and now he was missing and her first real mission for the CIA is to track him down. When she does, she finds he is dead, killed with a sickness specifically designed for his DNA. She also learns this is an act by the Alternate Government Initiative and they have their eyes on her.
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3 Ten Seconds To Free Fall Ten Seconds To Free Fall
Written by L. A. Clayton
Copyright: 2020

The AGI continues its plan to overthrow the government and establish the New World Order but Kate Edison and her team are determined to stop them. Jake is given a difficult assignment to find if a high-ranking AGI operative might be brought to their side but his task is made harder when his past reenters his present.
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This fun, entertaining series has a whole lot of the same atmosphere as that found in the Alias series with Sydney Bristow. Young female agent just entering the CIA is really working for a shadow group inside which turns out to be bad people that need to be taken down.

The tales of Kate Edison could very well be an homage to that other series or it could be just a coincidence - it has been 15 years (!!!) since that show went off the air.

I liked Edison. She is sharp, earnest, dedicated, and capable without being a perfect operative. She makes mistakes but fixes them quickly and learns from them. It was fun watching her do both.


My Grade: B


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