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Full Name: Phil Kent and Bill Lander
Series Name: A Kent and Lander Thriller
Nationality: Canadian
Organization: None
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: C. K. Phillips
Time Span: 2015 - 2021


Phil Kent is an author. Bill Lander is a professor.

The two men have been best of friends since at least their college days where they both played on the school's basketball team. 5'9" Kent was the point guard who regularly fed the ball to 6'3" Lander who would score the points. After they graduated, Kent stayed on to earn his doctorate while Lander joined the U.S. Navy and would soon be a member of the SEALs. The close friendship that they had formed remained, though, and now many, many years later, they routinely get together for hunting, fishing, exploring, and whatever else might prove interesting.

It is that last part that invariably gets the two of them into considerable danger. Though they both enjoy their most recent careers, Kent becoming a well known writer of both non-fiction and adventure fiction and Lander becoming a professor at a university in Tennessee, they and often their wives routinely get together for something different and when their curiosities take over, they both refuse to take the time to realize that neither is a young man any more.

One might think that Lander with all his years of experience in the SEALs, a good number of them fighting terrorists, would understand the ramifications of a lot of their "poking their noses" into things. He is routinely complaining to Kent, "Every time you call me for help, you get me involved in some dangerous mission. Sometimes, I don't think you know the difference in the fiction you write and your real life."

While the two men are the principle magnets for the trouble mentioned, both are extremely intelligent and able to get themselves out of many of the messes they find and, if there is a problem they need help with, Kent's wife, Cyndi, is someone they routinely seek out. Her research abilities, her contacts in a wide range of professions, and her quite impressive intellect comes in handy quite a bit. Lander's wife Lisa seems to be the smartest of the group because she largely stays out of the picture and is not around when bullets start flying.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2021

1 Comes The Awakening Comes The Awakening
Written by C. K. Phillips
Copyright: 2015

Phil Kent was on an early morning jog when he encounters a partially buried body on the beach. This will eventually get him, his wife Cyndi, and their friend Bill Lander involved in an adventure combining the Knights Templar, modern Native American tribe, and an extremist terrorist cell, all after ancient treasures buried in Nova Scotia.
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2 Echoes Of Skeletons Past Echoes Of Skeletons Past
Written by C. K. Phillips
Copyright: 2015

The excavation of ancient fossils has triggered a rash of thefts of the same by foreign agents. Phil and Cyndi Kent join with former spec-ops Bill Lander to find out who is behind the mayhem and murder and stop them.
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3 The Survival Initiative The Survival Initiative
Written by C. K. Phillips
Copyright: 2017

It seems unlikely that a vacation trip to Miami would start an adventure for Phil and Cyndi Kent as well as Bill Lander. All that was sought was fun and sun at the beach but what they got was a plan by extremists to throw the West back into the Dark Ages.
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4 P.O.W.E.R. P.O.W.E.R.
Written by C. K. Phillips
Copyright: 2020

A retired engineer has developed a new source of energy but his discovery will likely be his doom as many try to destroy it and him. Phil Kent and Bill Lander find themselves involved in keeping him alive and in stopping a cabal from using the discovery to create a one-world government.
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5 The Superstitions The Superstitions
Written by C. K. Phillips
Copyright: 2021

"Kent loved teaching his students, but after retirement he longed for adventure. When [he was shown] the Paralta Stones, it stirred something deep inside. Could they really be a map to the Lost Dutchman’s Mine? 
Tales of artifacts, gold, and treasure…
…was all it took to get his wife on board.
With a friend, former SEAL Bill Lander, Kent sets out on what they imagined would be a nice bit of camping and storytelling. Nobody genuinely believed they were on the trail of the legendary mine.
First there was a kidnapping.
Then the killing started."
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Okay, I had a lot of fun with this series of adventures which skirt over into the spy-fi category enough to qualify for membership in this compendium and then sashay back onto the other side.

I really like Phil Kent and his wife Cyndi and I get a kick out of Bill Lander. Why these knuckleheads keep getting themselves into these jams is something I do not understand. As a reader and lover of thrillers, I am quite pleased that they do!

I would not mind if they keep up there apparently suicidal ways for some time to come.


My Grade: B+


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