Writing as: C. K. Phillips

According to the bio on Amazon: "C. K. Phillips is a (mostly) retired educator who is an avid reader. COMES THE AWAKENING was his first novel and introduced the series featuring Phil and Cyndi Kent along with retired special forces agent Bill Lander. Phillips' second book in the Kents/Lander series was ECHOES OF SKELETONS PAST. He has now completed the third in the series: THE SURVIVAL INITIATIVE. Although he implies no comparison to them, he points to Cussler, Baldacci, Brown, and Grisham as some who have inspired him to write. He lives with his wife in Southeast Tennessee."

Series Books
Kent & Lander Comes The Awakening (2015)
  Echoes Of Skeletons Past (2015)
  The Survival Initiative (2017)
  P.O.W.E.R. (2020)
  The Superstitions (2021)