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Full Name: David Baird
Nationality: Canadian
Organization: MI6
Occupation Other - Singer

Creator: Harry Currie
Time Span: 1995 - 2017


David Baird is a singer.

He also is an accomplished conductor which he loves to do but it is singing that really delights him and he is quite pleased that he is able to make a more than decent living at it. As he recalls early on, "in the previous year I had done rather well - some recording work, a little conducting, a few commercials, a fair amount of arranging, and what was most surprising, a lot of singing in clubs and on the BBC. I had two records out, and now I was on the brink of the leading role in a major West End musical."

Baird was born and raised in Canada. Even though he knew he had a interest in music, he chose to join the Canadian army becoming a part of the Regulars and serving there for nearly a decade. After leaving normal service, he remained in the Reserves for another four. It was while in the military that his love of music got a jump with a chance to attend marching band schooling in England and that would lead to other contacts and some lasting friendships.

And it would be one of those friendships which nudge him into a new sideline occupation of giving a spot or two of help to British Intelligence, hence the reason for his inclusion here. It would be one of Baird's closest friends and mentors who would be asked to set up a meeting between Colonel Hammond of British Intelligence whose dossier on Baird read that he was "31 years old, had attended McGill and Mount Allison Universities, and held graduate diplomas from three British colleges of music. [He was] an athlete in swimming and track, running the hundred-yard-dash in 10 seconds flat. Before becoming a Director of Music [he] held a regular commission in the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. [He is] a small arms expert, holding the bronze, silver and gold medallions of the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association. For two years [he] held the Canadian Forces championship trophy for small arms, using a whole variety of weapons at various distances. [His] aggregate score has never been equaled. [He] qualified in all types of service vehicles, both wheeled and tracked. [He] excelled in hand-to-hand combat, and completed a special flying course, qualifying as a pilot."

As impressive as all that it, and it is some, the reason for the interest in Baird dealt more with his musical career. Singers, musicians, and conductors are invited to the most interesting soirees and gatherings. Some of those take place in embassies or foreign capitals where security is tight and getting admittance next to impossible. Unless you are one of the guests of honor.

Interesting observation:

"You don't even recognize danger until it's pointing a gun at you."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1995
Last Appearance:2017

1 Debut For A Spy Debut For A Spy
Written by Harry Currie
Copyright: 1995

The year is 1962. David Baird is slowly moving up in the music world in Britain when he is invited to perform at a reception at the Soviet Embassy in London. British Intelligence approaches him to 'keep his eyes and ears open' which he is happy to do, not knowing that he is going to learn one very unpleasant plan the Soviets have going.
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2 Encore For A Spy Encore For A Spy
Written by Harry Currie
Copyright: 2017

The year is 1963. David Baird is asked by MI6 to take the place of a orchestra conductor performing in West Germany. The previous one had been an East German who was murdered and the reason is not known, which makes it a bit spotty. So does the fact that the Soviet are still quite angry at Baird for messing up their plans the year before.
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What an interesting concept this series has. An established singer/musician who can go pretty much wherever he wants and not be suspected of being anything but what he is. Tailor-made for being an operative, which is exactly what the people at MI6 thought.

The writing is very well done and the plotting is quite good. For that reason, I recommend this series to anyone who is looking for a good series to spend an evening or three with.

But the thing that impressed me the most about this series is the author who could have, if the record is right, have been David Baird. And he wrote the first of the two books when he was 64, just a couple years younger than I am now. And he decided 22 years later to bring out the second. That means he was a good deal older than I when he did it. And he did it quite well. I am jealous.


My Grade: B+


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