1931 -

Writing as: Harry Currie

According to the bio on Amazon: "Harry Currie is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas, and for that reason he has been called a Renaissance Man by many reviewers. A college athlete, while music has been the thread which has run through his whole life, he has spun off from it into education, flying, journalism, heraldry, tartan design, philately, religious studies, novel writing, numismatics, model building, and whatever captured his interest. With degrees from four Canadian and British colleges and universities, he has served in both Canadian and British armies, worked on films, TV, commercials and recordings, starred in a major musical show in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and many people have said that he seems to know a lot about the spy world. But if he told someone the truth, he would have to kill them."

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Series Books
David Baird Debut For A Spy (1995)
  Encore For A Spy (2017)