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Full Name: Titus Ray
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Luana Ehrlich
Time Span: 2014 - 2022


Titus Ray is an agent with the CIA.

He has been one for quite a few years, having joined the Agency in 1980 during the Iran Hostage crisis. When a junior agent reflected on that time and referred to Ray as an 'old-timer', he replied quickly that he preferred the word 'seasoned'. Either would certainly fit because since he had moved into the second half of his 20's. Recently divorced from a two year marriage that just did not work out, he needed something to occupy him and being an operative somewhere had always been in his mind.

From his father Ray had inherited a dark complexion and thick black hair which has aided him greatly in his covert occupation. He could, if dressed properly, blend in well in any Central or South American locale. He could as easily be assimilated into just about every Middle Eastern region. Add to that his impressive skill in learning languages, of which he speaks several fluently, including dialects, and his ability to merge in is complete. Regarding that knack with languages, he says "It's just a gift. It doesn't take me long to acquire fluency in any language".

Regarding his appearance, he is pleased with it for two reasons. The first is that it is attractive: "Years ago, someone had told me I was a pretty good-looking guy. Since then, no one had told me otherwise." The second is that it is not exceptionally attractive, therefore it is not remarkable: "My trainers at The Farm had described my face as one that 'blended'. They considered that a good thing. Put me in a restaurant, a bus station, a mosque, and I blended right in. I didn't draw attention".

We pick up Ray's adventures nearing what many would consider the end of a career, especially in government-speak. He could be looking at retirement and considering the relationship he will establish with a female police officer in Norman, OK, he might himself be thinking it except Ray is by no means done and though he is getting older, he is still going strong.

Interesting line:

"I was a Level 1 covert intelligence officer at the CIA, and [he] was my handler. He handled things. Most of the time, I let him."


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2022

1 One Night In Tehran One Night In Tehran

Copyright: 2014

Titus Ray is in Iran and being pursued by the Revolutionary Guard. A Christian family in that country hide and help smuggle him out. Back in the States as he is sent into seclusion by the CIA, he starts to ponder his conversion even as a Hezbollah assassin is on his trail.
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2 Two Days In Caracas Two Days In Caracas

Copyright: 2015

Chasing a Hezbollah killer in Central and South America, Titus Ray must stop to handle a personal crisis and then deal with an Agency department head out for his scalp.
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3 Three Weeks In Washington Three Weeks In Washington

Copyright: 2016

When a Hezbollah killer murders five people in DC, Titus Ray goes hunting and learns there is an Iranian general with a scheme to destroy America.
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4 Four Months In Cuba Four Months In Cuba

Copyright: 2017

Titus Ray heads to Cuba to rescue a fellow agent named Ben Mitchell who is in the hands of the Los Zetas drug cartel. When Ray learns it was far more than just a kidnapping, he is determined to free the man but is called back to Langley.
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5 Five Years In Yemen Five Years In Yemen

Copyright: 2018

A contractor for the CIA went missing in Iraq. Five years later he is spotted in Yemen. Titus Ray is sent there to bring the man home but strange things happen along the way.
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6 Two Steps Forward Two Steps Forward

Copyright: 2019

Titus Ray and his bride Nikki are in Morocco on their honeymoon when duty calls and they must stop a scheduled assassination of the Iraqi Prime Minister.
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7 Three Steps Away Three Steps Away

Copyright: 2020

Titus Ray is on vacation in Barbados when he encounters an Iranian he knew when he lived undercover there with a fake name. He must resume that identity to learn more about a Russian plot to help Iran skirt the sanctions.
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8 Ben In Love Ben In Love

Copyright: 2021

Tagged as A Ben Mitchell / Titus Ray Thriller.
Titus Ray was trying to continue his training of the young covert operative Ben Mitchell, not get involved in the man's love life. When Mitchell says he is in love with Kamila Hanim, daughter of an exiled Muslim cleric, and she has been accused of trying to overthrow the Turkish government, things get complicated fast.
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9 Ben In Charge Ben In Charge

Copyright: 2021

Tagged as A Ben Mitchell / Titus Ray Thriller.
Ben Mitchell is given his first assignment as the OIC. The 'simple' job is to escort Boris Khrasnoff, a Russian defector, and his daughter back to the U.S. Unfortunately, the Kremlin would like them to not arrive.
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10 Four Steps Missed Four Steps Missed

Copyright: 2021

The mission that Titus Ray is on is dubbed Operation False Flag. It is unusual in that Ray is keeping it a secret from his boss, DDO Robert Ira. And the reason for the secrecy is that Ira might be part of the inquiry.
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11 Ben In Trouble Ben In Trouble

Copyright: 2022

Ben Mitchell's Senator father wants to keep him safe but Ben wants to stay a field agent. He decides to show he has what it takes by volunteering for a dangerous mission to Venezuela. He will need Titus Ray to help keep him alive because Ben has his eye and mind on vivacious teammate Helina Vargas and not the mission.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

1 One Step Back One Step Back
Written by Luana Ehrlich
Copyright: 2018

A prequel showing the events that took place just before One Night in Tehran. Titus Ray has been undercover in Iran for two years recruiting assets on Iranian dissidents when he meets one of that country's top nuclear scientists and tries to turn him. It does not work out well.
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Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 Recipes with Short Stories Recipes with Short Stories
Written by Luana Ehrlich
Copyright: 2016

An amusing collection of recipes for a variety of dishes coupled with stories giving some backdrop of Titus Ray's history and how it relates to that particular dish being presented.
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A decent amount of publishing blurb-age is spent talking about Titus Ray's newly found Christianity and it does play a role in his new life. That made me hesitant because, though I attend services myself (not as often as I should), I have an inner fear of being preached to. Don't like it. Don't want it. However! I do like this series. A lot!

This is some darn good writing. Really good. Prose that flow of the pages leaving delicious tastes on the tongue. Descriptions that put you wherever quickly and easily and pleasantly and completely enough you can smell the hummus. Action that is steady and important and intelligent. Spycraft that is so realistic sounding I believe it. And characters I would love to go out to dinner with - well the good ones (the bad guys, not so much).

Preachy? Not enough to worry about, which I did and found I needn't have.

This author can write!


My Grade: A-


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