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Full Name: Andy Flint
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Peter Kozmar
Time Span: 2019 - 2021


Andy Flint is an agent with the CIA.

Was and Is would be more accurate. We have two periods of time for Flint's activities and each section tells of a considerably different Flint than the one.

The first set take place in the early 90's (1993) and show a young, earnest and dedicated new agent for the CIA. As a blurb for the first adventure mentions, "His first month in the job and the Russians want him dead." Flint is in his early 20's, fresh out of the Farm and ready to prove himself. His assignment to the Moscow Station was a coup but he is well aware of the fact that it is up to him to keep proving he deserves the posting.

The second set takes place around 20 years later. Flint is no longer with the Agency and, according to his own description, not often sober. Flint explains his departure as being a product of the Soviet Union's demise and the rise of the Russian Federation and new, better relations with America, coupled with the abrupt change of focus after 9/11 on the Middle East. The Cold War was over. Communism was no longer a constant threat. Terrorists and religious extremists were the targets and the now old hat Russian experts were no longer needed and were a drain on resources.

Watching the two versions of Flint is interesting because the first wants to show others, and himself, that he has what it takes to survive in the field and get the job done while the second starts out his adventures in desperate need of money and a fervent desire to finally sober up. The younger is learning his skills by earning the scars while the elder is remembering his skills to keep from earning more.

Playing a major role in both periods of Flint's life is Vladimir 'Vladim' Martirossian, a Russian who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and chanced to meet Flint. That chance will repeat itself and a friendship will develop which will be beneficial, and dangerous, to both.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Makarov File The Makarov File
Written by Peter Kozmar
Copyright: 2020

Though he is an ex-agent, tossed out in disgrace, Andy Flint's knowledge of Russia is needed as the power structure there is changing. He is invited back with a chance of getting his old job but then a friend is kidnapped and Flint must choose between helping his friend and re-starting his professional life.
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2 Dead Secret Dead Secret
Written by Peter Kozmar
Copyright: 2020

Andy Flint is on the mend and off the booze. Hoping to reconnect with his estranged adult son, he arranges to meet him in New Zealand and walk the stunning Milford Track. But before they can reunite, a massacre at Wellington’s UN intelligence station leaves his boy as the only survivor… and the prime suspect in the crime.
Convinced the deadly shooting spree was a frame job, Flint races to locate the young man and the politically sensitive video he allegedly stole. But when he finds him in possession of staggeringly incriminating evidence, the skilled ex-operative fears an assassin now has them both in his crosshairs…
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3 Zero Trust Zero Trust
Written by Peter Kozmar
Copyright: 2020

"Andy Flint can’t escape his devastating guilt. Determined to bring the man responsible for his boy’s murder to justice, the disgraced former CIA officer heads to Brussels to meet an old friend and colleague. But their rendezvous turns bloody when a machine gun-toting assassin sends her to the hospital, several people to the morgue, and Flint on the trail of a killer.
Digging into her files, the grizzled ex-spy uncovers an international oil-supply power play at the highest of levels. And when he makes a connection between the conspiracy and the monster who silenced his son, Flint fears getting to the bottom of this case will only leave him in a shallow grave."
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4 Prizm Prizm
Written by Peter Kozmar
Copyright: 2021

He’s trying to reckon with his failures. Has his determination to deliver justice painted a target on his back?
Former CIA agent Andy Flint is doing his best to rebuild his life. Taking a European trip to visit a close colleague recovering from gunshot wounds, he’s surprised by an urgent request from an old connection to meet. But his catch-up over coffee in Brussels turns deadly when the man is stabbed to death before Flint’s eyes…
Vowing to expose the killers, the determined operative hunts down clues revealing major players with corrupt agendas to poison the next election. But as he chases the trail from Munich to London, Flint discovers a ruthless team of assassins has him in their crosshairs."
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Defector Defector
Written by Peter Kozmar
Copyright: 2019

Story 1 of The Beginning. The year is 1993. The job for Andy Flint is to get a high value asset in Russia to defect. Against him is FSB agent Oleg Malchik who is on crusade to shut down all intelligence networks of foreign powers. With Malchik against him, Flint definitely does not need the Russian mob against him as well but he has them.
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2 Double Cross Double Cross
Written by Peter Kozmar
Copyright: 2019

Story 2 of The Beginning. The year is 1993. The CIA Station Chief in Luhansk, Ukraine, has been murdered. Andy Flint is sent to that area to help man the station even as more people involved with it are killed. He thinks he is on the trail of the one involved but proving it means disobeying Langley.
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The author's comments really sums up this series well: "Andy Flint is a flawed former CIA field agent with a past and enemies who still bear their grudges. We know from the prequels that Flint was a rising star in the agency. However, we can see in this series he has more enemies than friends and few people he can trust."

The key word is that description is 'flawed'. He isn't a bad person. He just has issues which he strives to fix, not always succeeding but always trying. I found myself rooting for him.

I like the way that the author presents the current activities of the character in book form but used the novella format to show snippets of his earlier life fresh out of the Farm. The concept works well. It would be nice for another story-from-back-then as I love the shorter format.


My Grade: B+


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