Writing as: Peter Kozmar

According to the bio on his website: "Peter was born near Manchester in the North West of England into a working class family. He studied Engineering at University where he joined the British Army.

During this time, he worked in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. He spent significant time in South Africa before the election of Nelson Mandela. He also spent time briefly in Colombia and Mexico.

After reaching the rank of Major, he resigned his Commission and moved with his family to New Zealand where he led an active, outdoors life. However, a skiing accident meant he wasn’t able to run, hike or ski which released a lot of time. That’s how the writing started and allowed him to refocus and develop new skills.

With the support of those around him, Peter has written about Andy Flint, starting with The Beginning Series. These stories are initially set in 1993 and after the Beginning Series we move forward to find Andy Flint as he is today. A very different man. If you like fast paced, action packed page turners with a thread of conspiracy in your thriller series, then Andy Flint is for you.

Peter lives in Wellington, New Zealand. His kids have now left home leaving him with his wife and two mischievous Labrador’s, Brecon and Pembroke."

Series Books
Andy Flint Defector (ss) (2019)
  Double Cross (ss) (2019)
  The Makarov File (2020)
  Dead Secret (2020)
  Zero Trust (2020)
  Prizm (2021)