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Full Name: Paul Knox
Nationality: American
Organization: World Circle Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Louis Trimble
Time Span: 1956 - 1957


Paul Knox is an agent with the World Circle Agency.

That fairly impressive name for an intelligence organization is, to some, just a glorified international private investigative company, peeking in keyholes in more than one country. To those with a bit more global outlook, it is a private intelligence gathering corporation "more than one government used as its espionage arm or as an adjunct to it, depending on the size and wealth of the government".

This would include on many occasions the American government and when that is the case we learn that "on jobs that might be concerned with the security of the United States - directly or indirectly - Knox usually carried the blessings of the Government". That helps when Knox finds himself in a sticky situation which seems fairly common.

Knox is an agent with the firm because he loves the action and the excitement. It was the same reason he had chosen years before to become a police officer and later a detective. He was especially good at the last one and had racked up an impressive number of cases before he got an offer to expand his beat and left the guys in blue to become a guy in a trenchcoat.

Money was certainly not the reason he became either a cop or an agent. He had quite a bit of his own, thanks to inheritances from his uncle and his father, both of whom were very well off and who left Knox their bounty when they passed. When he was a cop, Knox made sure his wealth was not made an issue by always wearing the same sort of clothes his fellow officers wore and went the same bars and clubs they did and never flashed his money in their faces, something they respected and appreciated. Now that he moves in different circles, though, he feels more freedom to go a bit more splashy.

No matter what kind of footwear Knox might sport nowadays, he is still a gumshoe and he still loves it.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1956
Last Appearance:1957

The two books in this series have the unusual case of being released under different names. The first was under the author's real name but the next year the second came out under a pseudonym. Why? No idea!

1 Stab In The Dark Stab In The Dark
Written by Louis Trimble
Copyright: 1956

Returning to the city where he had been a cop for so many years, Paul Knox was supposed to meet up with a man named Auffer to be handed intel but that man was kept from the rendezvous by an icepick in his eye. Now Knox has to find out where the intel is and whether Auffer was killed to get it from him.
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2 The Big Bite The Big Bite
Written by Gerry Travis
Copyright: 1957

Since he fell in love with Natalie Tinsley the previous year, Paul Knox has been looking for her for personal reasons but that daughter of a master smuggler was hard to find. Now someone using her identity is involved in a gold smuggling operation backed by the Soviets to take control of a pre-Castro Cuba so finding both the real and the fake Nat is vital.
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I feel it is important to remember the year these books were written, 1956, with regards to the other spy series available in fiction - namely, there weren't many. Now, James Bond had been out for three years and there were 4-5 books out on him and one my personal favorites, Sam Durell, had just as many. But there was not a plethora of spies in fiction at the time and there were scads upon scads of detective, private and public, stories to be enjoyed.

The idea that the author had to move his character out of straight detective and into the spy business makes this a rather unique series. It does not make it a great one, which it is not, but it does sort of stand by itself. This is not a bad two-book series by any means. It just had little to make it stand out other than its uniqueness of character employment.

The character is a bit different, I'll grant you. A hard-boiled detective who is also very well off, hardly the norm for subh people. He is also educated which most were not. And he is adventure-loving and thrill-seeking while most fictional detectives around that time seemed to be beaten-down and just plain worn out. I might have hoped that that would pushed the series up a notch or two but not so much.

Both adventures are okay. Nothing wrong with them, except for dragging on too long. But nothing especially write about them either.

Except for their uniqueness. There is always that.


My Grade: B


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