1917 - 1988

Writing as: Stuart Brock, Gerry Travis, Louis Trimble

According to the bio on Wikipedia: "Louis Trimble was an American writer and academic. His published work included science fiction, westerns, and mysteries, as well as academic non-fiction. He generally wrote as Louis Trimble, but used the pseudonym "Stuart Brock" for some of his work.

Born in Seattle, Washington, he published his first story in 1938, but did not move into the science-fiction genre until the mid-1950s. He attended a number of universities in Washington state and Pennsylvania. After working as a logger and a housepainter, he became an instructor and professor in humanities and social studies at the University of Washington from 1956 onward.

Trimble's work in applied linguistics examined the use of English in science and technology contexts. As a member of the Washington School he advanced the "grammatical-rhetorical" position in English for Science and Technology research, which argued that linguistic analysis of scientific discourse should consider the ways in which various rhetorical functions manifested grammatically in texts at the discourse level."

Series Books
Stuart Brock
Other Death Is My Lover (1948)
  Just Around the Coroner (1948)
  Bring Back Her Body (1953)
  Killer’s Choice (1956)
  Whispering Canyon (1961)
Gerry Travis
Paul Knox The Big Bite (1957)
Other Tarnished Love (1942)
  A Lovely Mask for Murder (1956)
Louis Trimble
Paul Knox Stab In The Dark (1956)
Other Fit to Kill (1941)
  Tragedy in Turquoise (1942)
  Date for Murder (1942)
  Design for Dying (1945)
  Murder Trouble (1945)
  You Can’t Kill a Corpse (aka Inconvenient Corpse) (1946)
  Give Up the Body (1946)
  The Case of the Blank Cartridge (1949)
  Blondes Are Skin Deep (1951)
  Nothing to Lose But My Life (1957)
  The Tide Can’t Wait (1957)
  The Smell of Trouble (1958)
  Mountain Ambush (1959)
  Cargo for the Styx [Martin Zane] (1959)
  The Corpse Without a Country (1959)
  Till Death Do Us Part (1959)
  Obit Deferred (1959)
  Love Me and Die (1960)
  The Duchess of Skid Row (1960)
  Girl on a Slay Ride (1960)
  The Surfside Caper (1961)
  Siege At High Meadow (1962)
  The Dead and the Deadly [Martin Zane] (1963)
  The Desperate Deputy of Cougar Hill (1965)
  Anthropol [Anthropol Detective Agency] (1968)
  The Noblest Experiment in the Galaxy [Anthropol Detective Agency] (1970)
  The City Machine (1972)
  The Guardians of the Gate (1972)
  The Wandering Variables (1972)
  The Bodelan Way (1974)
  English for Specific Purposes: Science and Technology [NF] (1981)