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Full Name: Burroughs Rice
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Theo Cage
Time Span: 2014 - 2020


Burroughs Rice is an agent with the CIA.

Well, was an agent. For quite a few years he had worked diligently for the Agency and had become one of its very best black ops personnel. He had been an assassin for the government and had removed forty-seven souls from the planet but then things had gone, as they say, pear-shaped and now he is on the run.

Again, well, he has been in hiding for the past decade, living in the deepest part of the Cascade Mountains in Washington state, existing as off-the-grid as he can manage, "no phone, no electricity, no Internet, and a single-seat outhouse he build himself and shares with a family of muskrats".

He would admit that he is surprised that he has made it that long since quite a few people are out after him and have been for some time. He and his late wife had thought they were okay in Antigua but then she was killed and he changed climate drastically, leaving warm beaches and sand for "black flies and frostbite".

Rice would also admit to not being that shocked when they finally come for him. With such diverse groups of people wanting him for a myriad of different reason, it was just a matter of time. When one team does show up at his cabin expecting to snatch him unaware, though, they find they "had dramatically underestimated this retired agent. Despite almost ten years of living alone in the wilderness, it looks like he hadn't quite lost his edge. And now the famous Rice was on the loose again. In the wind. Or in CIA-speak, on the black."

Once the "misunderstanding" that caused his situation is cleared up, Rice will go back to the Agency, a fair amount different than the first time but just as dangerous, if not more so.

Good Line:
- When asked if all CIA agents were as paranoid as he, Rice replies, "Only the ones that are still breathing".


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2020

1 On The Black On The Black
Written by Theo Cage
Copyright: 2014

For the past decade Burroughs Rice has been 'on the black', deep under cover and hiding out as best he can. Now a government agency has found him. What follows is a crazed trip across America with a biker gang, a team of trained mercenaries, and an organized crime family all after him. There there is the young hitchhiker he rescues. And the trauma nurse who had the misfortune of helping out.
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2 On The Black: Africa On The Black: Africa
Written by Theo Cage
Copyright: 2015

When the ruthless head of a Jihadist group in Africa kidnap 400 young women, the world expected a huge ransom demand. Instead, the man decides to let the world watch them all die while the UN is powerless to save them. A billionaire pulls Burroughs Rice and his friends out of retirement to save them.
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3 On The Black: Anarchy On The Black: Anarchy
Written by Theo Cage
Copyright: 2020

"Locked down in China’s most notorious prison, tortured and beaten, out of touch with the world, he fights for his life. Quinten Hunter, quadriplegic DARPA researcher and Rice’s business partner, decides the only way to rescue Rice is to take the risk of jacking himself directly into the dark web.
Meanwhile, an eccentric cyber-war team, three brilliant teenagers, are pushing the world to the brink of war. Terrorists, drug cartels, generals, billionaires and hackers, all go to war as anarchy consumes the world."
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4 On The Black: Ghost City On The Black: Ghost City
Written by Theo Cage
Copyright: 2020

"Nzambi, the world's most dangerous criminal organization takes revenge on Rice and his team by attacking him where he lives.
A bold air-to-ground missile attack on the headquarters in Phoenix leaves Hunter, the quadriplegic DARPA researcher and Grace, the Marine sniper, close to death.
Yet they are Rice's only hope for rescue from the Ghost City, where the ex-black ops agent is trapped: a mysterious deserted modern metropolis planted in the middle of a corn field in Northern China."
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You have to wonder what words this character had to say to his parents over time about his name. As a teenager dealing with, well, other teenagers, that must have been tough. Which is, obviously, how he came to be so tough himself. Sort of like Johnny Cash's A Boy Named Sue, just not as bad.

These are some pretty action-packed adventures. They came out in two pairs with a few years in between. It has been a couple years since the last and, let me tell you, I am wanting another!

I would read them in order to make them more enjoyable.


My Grade: B+


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