Writing as: Theo Cage

According to the bio on Amazon: "I've had a crazy life.

I realized this the day I was being chased, with a couple of friends, out of a third-world village by men on horseback carrying AK-47 automatic rifles.

Needless to say I figured my life was over.

Everything after that has been a complete bonus. I started an award-winning Advertising agency, built a chain of restaurants, operated computer stores, wrote commercial software applications, spent a night in jail for masterminding a robbery I didn't do, scripted and directed a TV comedy show...

There's more. A lot more, but that would just bore you - the greatest crime against readers.

I've also met a lot of fascinating people. A Mossad agent, a senior CIA operative, fraudsters, heroin addicts, magicians, stand up comics, rock stars, hackers, and movie directors.

All of this goes into the pot. Stir it a bit. Who knows what will come out!

What I've learned is people everywhere are heroes, have been heroes, and want to be heroes - if given half a chance. I feel compelled to tell their stories.

I started out life like a lot of kids, getting picked on. I discovered the world is full of bullies. My Dad told me to stand up for my rights and taught me a few self-defence moves.

But books were what got me through those difficult years, and I'm very thankful. I owe a debt of gratitude to writers like Ray Bradbury, Ian Fleming, J.D. Salinger, Elmore Leonard and Robert Heinlein.

Teach your kids to be brave, to believe in themselves, to believe in a just world. I know life is not fair - but that's no reason not to stand up to bullies and cheaters and manipulators. Sure, you might get a nosebleed once in a while. But it will be worth it.

Theo Cage is the pen name of Russell Smith, a Canadian author and artist."

Series Books
Burroughs Rice On The Black (2014)
  On The Black: Africa (2015)
  On The Black: Anarchy (2020)
  On The Black: Ghost City (2020)
Other Splicer (2012)
  Buzzworm (2013)
  Satan's Road (2014)
  Crispy Critters (2014)
  The Woman in the Trunk (2014)
  Berzerker (2015)
  Crispy Critters 2 (2015)
  Ghost of a Girl (2016)