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Full Name: Paul McGrath
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Janitor

Creator: Andrew Grant
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


Paul McGrath is a janitor.

Really. He is. Shows up for work at a courthouse in New York City, puts on his overalls, fills his cart with cleaning supplies, and heads to his assigned area and does what he expected to do. He sweeps, dusts, mops, wipes, refills containers. All the required duties of a janitor performed by a man who never does less than his best.

When he has completed his normal tasks, he then tends to hang around. He watches. He observes. He notices. And since he is a janitor, he is almost invisible, just part of the normal environment. A step up from walls and doors. Slightly below delivery people as far as being watched and observed and noticed himself. I mean, why would he be of interest to anyone? Floors need sweeping and mopping. He does it. End of story.

McGrath has come the custodial work just recently. In fact, in the first recorded adventure, he has not yet applied for the position, he is that new.

When we first meet him, he is in U.S. Army Intelligence. He is a field agent and has been for twenty years, from just after he finished school. His father was a successful businessman who had expected his son to join the company and eventually take it over. McGrath had other ideas, largely because adventurous son did not agree much with pacifist father. Strike 'much' and add 'any'.

But when we encounter McGrath, father has been murdered and the news reached the son quite late and the only suspect for the crime has had the key file against him gone missing somewhere in the huge courthouse and no one was really looking for it because there was always another case to handle. McGrath decided to do the looking himself. And he, too, failed because he was now a civilian with no power and no access.

And that is when he got the idea to become a janitor. Janitors have no power but they most definitely have access. Near total access and that wonderful cloak of invisibility mentioned before.

Now with the ability to go where he needed to and look where he wanted, McGrath also found that as he did the watching and observing I talked about, he noticed a whole lot of things, some of which annoyed him or interested him and because he now had plenty of time on his hands when not mopping floors, things that annoyed or interested him got his attention.

The attention of a man who over the past 20 years had learned well how to gather intelligence and to handle the system and to get things done anonymously because no one really notices the janitor.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

1 Invisible Invisible
Written by Andrew Grant
Copyright: 2019

When he returned to his home town after his father's murder, Paul McGrath learns that the defendant in the case was set free because a vital folder was lost in the courthouse. After attempts through normal means to rectify matters failed, McGrath goes undercover as a janitor in the large facility to do things his way.
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2 Too Close To Home Too Close To Home
Written by Andrew Grant
Copyright: 2020

As he continues to look for the folder of missing evidence on his father's murder and who took it, Paul McGrath meets a man who admits he burned down one of a rich man's mansions but hearing the reason why decides he needs to look deeper.
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Oh, wow! I so absolutely adored this series. From the first page to the last of the second book, I devoured every delicious sentence and really wanted more. A lot.

These two books (as of now but, boy! Do I want more!!) are not really spy stories, of course. They are crime novels. Except!! They are being investigated by a trained operative going about his secretive business as a clandestine agent and making use of tools and tactics he learned in his many years doing this kind of work. And there are more than a couple of cross-overs into the intelligence world.

So. The series most definitely belongs.

And what a great one it is. The writing is so smooth and even-flow that you hardly notice the pages swim by but then the book is over and ... what? For me, there was a big grin after the first book along with a firm nod of approval and then on immediately to the second. Now when that one finished, there was still the big grin and the nod but, alas, no third book.

Maybe someday. I hope.


My Grade: A


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