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Full Name: Samantha 'Sam' Green
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Analyst

Creator: Roland Ladley
Time Span: 2015 - 2021


Samantha 'Sam' Green is an analyst with MI6.

Okay, that is getting ahead of myself really fast but it does explain why she is in the compendium. She will be an analyst is a more accurate way of putting it.

When we first meet her on her first recorded adventure, Green is a Sergeant in the British Army, a military intelligence analyst who has spent the last couple of years serving in Afghanistan. When we encounter her, she is on her last day in uniform, about to make the transition from a life she knew and loved and most importantly understood to a life where she was on her own.

"Her entire existence had been centred on the Army and suddenly she was no longer fit for service. Off to join the civilian world, an event far more terrifying than a battlefield for a lot of his patients. A world that didn't recognise 'fourteen hundred' as a time of day. A complicated place, without boundaries and often without rules. She would have to lead a life devoid of squads and platoons, without instant companionship and constant banter. An amorphous place where self-reliance was challenging and teamwork a rare discovery."

Those words were the thoughts of the psychiatrist who went on to note she "has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The attack which resulted in her abdominal injuries was savage and, notably, she lost close friends in the same incident. ... It is clear to me that she has yet to come to terms with her psychiatric illness." He did not put in her record something else he truly felt which was that "Sam Green was a ticking bomb".

But for all that, Green is also an amazing observer blessed with an analytical mind that would get her noticed by the SIS. Hers was the skill to spot the anomalies. "Look for the absence of normal, not for the abnormal. That's the key. She knew she was particularly good at photos. She could pick out a face in a crowd even if she had just glanced at it. She saw in aerial photography what many others didn't. A heavily camouflaged vehicle here, disturbed earth there. She could spot what shouldn't be there, or what should be there but wasn't, when everyone else had moved on."

Unfortunately, she still had those demons to contend with.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2021

1 Unsuspecting Hero Unsuspecting Hero
Written by Roland Ladley
Copyright: 2015

Sam Green is recovering from PTSD on the Isle of Mull when she finds something that piques her curiousity and gets her headed to West Africa. Her trip will merge into a situation MI6 is facing with a biological threat to that region and the world.
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2 Fueling The Fire Fueling The Fire
Written by Roland Ladley
Copyright: 2016

The questions about the recent spate of airplane crashes has puzzled Sam Green. So is why two ex-CIA agents are training terrorists in Yemen. There is also the fact that a religious cult is spreading its moneys, millions in value, into banks all over the world. Piecing them together is what Green is good at.
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3 The Innocence of Trust The Innocence of Trust
Written by Roland Ladley
Copyright: 2017

Sam Green is regretting her latest promotion. She is stationed in Moscow which she is not enjoying working for a boss she cannot stand, having almost no friends at all, and feeling quite upset when her biggest informant in the country is blown up. When she is about to quit it all, she agrees to help a relative stranger investigate that person's boyfriend's murder.
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4 For Good Men To Do Nothing For Good Men To Do Nothing
Written by Roland Ladley
Copyright: 2018

Having been sacked by MI6 for being the maverick she is, Sam Green is trying to enjoy a skiing vacation on a shoestring budge in Austria when she spots someone who does not want to be seen and is not in that person's sites. Meanwhile, someone is messing with the GPS systems and a major terrorist attack is about to happen.
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5 On The Back Foot To Hell On The Back Foot To Hell
Written by Roland Ladley
Copyright: 2019

While Sam Green is working in a supermarket in a small English town and dealing badly with her demons, a series of low-level terror attacks are taking place all of the globe and the intelligence agencies are at a loss to understand who and why and how.
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6 Blood Red Earth Blood Red Earth
Written by Roland Ladley
Copyright: 2020

Sam Green's former SIS boss, Jane Baker, was monitoring deteriorating conditions for hard-line communists in Cuba and Vietnam and China. Then she disappeared. Since Green is mostly recovered from her escapade in Switzerland, she decides to go looking.
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7 The Belmonte Paradox The Belmonte Paradox
Written by Roland Ladley
Copyright: 2021

Said to be the first in a two-part mini series.
"The last thing Sam expected was a phone call. She was convalescing. Heading to Greece and the winter sun. He contacted her. Someone she didn’t know, but someone who knew of her. And that presented her with a dilemma.
A thousand miles away in sleepy Gloucestershire, a security guard at a disused nuclear power station spots something untoward. Ex-military, he can’t discard previously taught skills, and risks everything to find out more. At the same time a Serbian undergrad has lost her journalist brother. He’s in trouble and very soon she’s fighting for her own life, as well as his.
And a French spy has a theory. He believes the western world is not as we see it. Governments are not in charge - other forces are. Forces which have scant regard for order and calm.
Sam makes a decision, one she may well live to regret."
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PR promos are often way different than the books they supposedly represent, all meant to get you to take the book home. Sometimes, they are accurate. This is sort of in the middle with comments about Green being a "'flawed but resolute' protagonist - [akin] to a female Jack Reacher - 'only more edgy and much more prone to tears.'"

I am not sure about the tears part, certainly not as much as that comment might portend. Still, Green does suffer from PTSD and that can produce unusual responses to events. This is what makes Sam Green so interesting.


My Grade: B+


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