Writing as: Roland Ladley

According to the bio on Amazon: "Roland Ladley's detailed, but flowing narrative has been compared to Le Carre and Deighton; Sam Green, his 'flawed but resolute' protagonist, to a female Jack Reacher - 'only more edgy and much more prone to tears.' His second spy thriller in the Sam Green series, Fuelling the Fire, won a publishing contract with Kindle Scout and went on to become a best-seller in its genre. His other two books, Unsuspecting Hero and The Innocence of Trust, are equally well reviewed in the both the UK and the US. The fourth book in the series, For Good Men To Do Nothing, was released in July 2018.

If espionage is your bag - and you're after realistic, up-to-date conspiracy thrillers with a strong female lead, then the Sam Green series is waiting for you.

To bring realism to his writing Roland Ladley draws upon twenty-five years military service, including complex tours of Bosnia, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone. Subsequent work as a teacher enables him to communicate lucidly to a wide audience, and two grown-up daughters ensures he can laugh at himself and find comic moments in his writing when the tension is at its greatest.

Now a full time writer based in Bristol, UK, he lives an itinerant lifestyle with his wife in their motorhome, posting a travel/writing blog and marketing his three Sam Green novels. With the books' cinematic style, it's not surprising that the first, Unsuspecting Hero, has been turned into a mini-series screenplay and is being considered by a well-known British director."

Series Books
Sam Green Unsuspecting Hero (2015)
  Fueling The Fire (2016)
  The Innocence of Trust (2017)
  For Good Men To Do Nothing (2018)
  On The Back Foot To Hell (2019)
  Blood Red Earth (2020)
  The Belmonte Paradox (2021)