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Full Name: Kyle McBride
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - TV Producer

Creator: Cal Thomas
Time Span: 2015 - 2018


Kyle McBride is a television producer.

People in the television business wanting to get a project going "sought out Kyle McBride, dubbed a 'suit' in the business. He didn't produce the shows; he raised the money that made them possible. He found partners for producers in countless countries, placed programs on networks around the world, and in general made things go. He enjoyed a good reputation, and many felt that having him involved in the marketing of their project was gold."

That might be an enjoyable vocation and for McBride it was definitely a successful one as he did not lack for creature comforts. As for a reason for entry in this compendium, though, it is lacking. Except for the fact that McBride had spent a reasonable amount of time before his latest career working in the Intelligence gathering business.

McBride was for several years in American military intelligence. That was some time back, likely a decade or two back, but he had made a good number of friends during that period and some of them still worked either in that field or related ones giving McBride a nice assortment of people to call for assistance.

Exactly what McBride did is not mentioned except for interesting tidbits like he "was involved in the military version of CIA work" and that he had worked "in an elite military intelligence unit in Europe". The same inquisitiveness that had made him successful in that profession still resides with him as a TV producer such that when things start happening around him that do not add up, he cannot leave it - he has to stick his nose into it.

McBride is divorced with a grown, albeit still fairly young, daughter named Caroline.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2018

1 A Stradivari Affair A Stradivari Affair
Written by Cal Thomas
Copyright: 2015

The theft of a Stradivari violin would be interesting to a lot of people and Kyle McBride is no exception. He joins up with NYPD detectives to learn who and how but that investigation will result in several dead bodies and throw McBride up against a group of very powerful and ruthless French businessmen.
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2 Decoy Decoy
Written by Cal Thomas
Copyright: 2018

Two terrorist attacks in a handful of days. That is what London has endured. Then Kyle McBride happens to run into one of the young jihadists and he becomes a target of them to keep him quiet. Instead of hiding, though, McBride goes after them with the intent of learning what their next attack will be. He discovers it is a planned raid of a nuclear weapons repository.
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I admit that the first book in this two-book series is mainly a suspense thriller but it squeaks into the spy-fi genre enough to qualify, in my opinion, for membership in this compendium. And the second book definitely qualifies. So here it is.

I liked the character of Kyle McBride. I liked the adventures he has quite a bit. There is a whole lot of action and excitement in them. They would each make a terrific movie. Considering the line of work that McBride is in, maybe he should talk to someone.


My Grade: B


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