Writing as: Cal Thomas

According to the bio on Amazon: "Cal Thomas has been writing for most of his adult life, including a master’s thesis, many, many unpublished short stories, hundreds of fund-raising proposals, thousands of reports (military and civilian) and innumerable sales and promotion pieces. After several careers, Cal began writing for fun and profit, beginning with travel articles and moving into thrillers, featuring a versatile American TV production executive. The Kyle McBride Adventures debuted in “A Stradivari Affair,” and continue in the newly-released “Decoy.”

After a somewhat unusual tour of duty in Europe as a military intelligence operative, Cal spent many years in TV production financing, specializing in international co-production. He formed TSD Company and collaborated with major broadcasters in North America, Europe and Asia.

Cal got his pilot’s license while still in college, and became a late-blooming marathon runner. A native of the state of Maine, he has lived and worked in Paris, New York City, Pittsburgh and Florida. He currently splits his year between Florida and Maine."

Series Books
Kyle McBride A Stradivari Affair (2015)
  Decoy (2018)