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Full Name: David Larkin and Samantha Colt
Nationality: American
Organization: Unnamed Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ken Cressman
Time Span: 2014 - 2017


David Larkin and Samantha Colt are agents of an unnamed American Intelligence organization.

It falls under that umbrella unofficially because officially it does not exist. It is not even a government-sponsored department. It might get a good chunk of money under the table from many of the alphabet agencies, as well as other 'creative' means, but it is not truly answerable to anyone. Except the Judge.

"She was actually a retired federal district court judge and you might have even heard of her. She had spent her life in public service and was friends with many powerful people. She knew just about everyone who was anyone, and knew just about everything there was to know about most of them. She had made it her business throughout her career to know what was going on and who was doing it."

A couple things everyone who knew the Judge knew were that she was "unfailingly honest" and that she "devoted her entire professional life to making the world a better place". And being independently wealthy all her life meant she had to be beholden to anyone. It was many years before the adventures we can read about that she and several others over time came to the idea of forming "an independent entity, a shadow agency that would be tasked with performing certain operations that other organizations, for one reason or another, could not or would not do". "The Judge, of course, informed the group that such an organization would be completely illegal and contrary to the principles of the U.S. Constitution. She also said that it was necessary, and she agreed to help create it. That was how she became the chief executive of a company that officially at least, did not exist and never had."

That is the group that Larkin and Cold belong to. Well, belonged is more accurate.

When we first meet Larkin, and shortly after, Colt, they had some time before ended their connection to the group. Some things had gone wrong through no fault of theirs or the Judge but which made them both feel they had done enough and that moving on was in order. Both picked up extra money here and there doing odd jobs suited to their specialties now, largely out of a need to do something, but they had moved on. So, of course, life will bring them back on occasion to working with the Judge.

Larkin is likely in his very early 40's. He was recruited by the group out of U.S. Navy boot camp because of his exceptional skill-set shown during training and for the next sixteen years he worked for the Judge. The first three years was spent in intensive training learning an impressive range of skills, some of them quite illegal to use, before being put into the field for the next 13 years. He describes himself as "average height, average build with pale blue eyes and coarse light hair. I don't look particularly strong or quick or even smart. I am not memorable, which in my line of work has often worked to my advantage. It also doesn't hurt that some people tend to underestimate me".

Colt is - unique. She is "lean and fit and muscular, with short black hair and smooth, tan skin". She is a bit more than ten years younger than Larkin but neither really knows because no one, not even she, knows for sure how old she is. Her back story is so interesting that the fourth adventure available to us is devoted to how she came to be the young, fascinating woman she is. In a nutshell which does not do her justice, she was part of the foster systems since she was little and to avoid a very bad situation she fled into "the streets in Baltimore, fending for herself, living in abandoned buildings and cardboard boxes, stealing whatever food she could find and anything else she needed. Since she was just a kid, she was a target for predators, so she had to learn quickly how to defend herself and others learned to pretty much leave her alone. She also had to learn to stay out of sight, not only to avoid people who might bother her but also the police". Eventually, as a teenager, her luck ran out and she was caught shoplifting and the police came and she fought back and that is how she came to the attention of the Judge.

For the past several years, Larkin and Colt have been partners, two people who have no one else except each other and who have found they really do not need anyone else.

One interesting note as to how both Larkin and Colt are able now to pick and choose what they do. Larkin tells us how his mentor in the group told him early on that "we have no budget. With a budget comes accountability, and with accountability comes oversight. We have neither. We finance our own operations. In this line of work you'll often come across stacks of cash - a drug dealer who's just made a sale or is about to make a buy; some tin-pot dictator who keeps an emergency fund in his mattress. When you see it, take it. Get deposit boxes in a few banks. Open a few offshore accounts. Stash the cash. You never know when you might need it."

Good advice.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2017

1 Flight Of The Sparrow Flight Of The Sparrow
Written by Ken Cressman
Copyright: 2014

How do you track down a stolen stealth surveillance aircraft? That is what Larkin & Colt must do when they are hired to get it and bring it back. Finding it is going to be tricky. Getting it out of the mercenary-filled hidden underground base will prove deadly.
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2 Pisces Rising Pisces Rising
Written by Ken Cressman
Copyright: 2015

The first questions about the theft of the small research submarine, Pisces, was, of course, who stole it and how they got it out of the institute in San Diego. Another question was why was it stolen? What would it be used for? Larkin & Colt were hired to answer all those and the plot they uncover could kill millions.
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3 Sins Of The Father Sins Of The Father
Written by Ken Cressman
Copyright: 2016

Nearly a decade ago, Larkin & Colt were members of the group that hunted down and killed the drug kingpin Francisco Salazar. Now his son Ramon has gotten old enough to take control of the cartel and is getting revenge on his father's killers. Larkin & Colt must track this man down now before he eliminates them.

4 Becoming Samantha Colt Becoming Samantha Colt
Written by Ken Cressman
Copyright: 2017

This is the story of Samantha Colt, partner to David Larkin, and tells how a very young homeless girl striving to survive on the streets of Baltimore was recruited by the organization and trained to be the operative she is how and how she met Larkin and he became her teacher, partner, and best friend.
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When I finished the fourth book and knew there were no more, I sighed sadly. I had inhaled these books and loved them and sadly there were no more. That is one heckuva compliment to the author. The saying goes, "always leave them wanting more", and the author did just that. I want more of Larkin and Colt. They make such a great team together but are also pretty good by themselves.

Larkin is the brains. Colt is the muscle. They love each other deeply without being 'in love'. Each would willingly die for the other but would prefer the bad guys do the dying and so far it has worked out that way.

It turns out that the author lives, apparently, about 80 miles down the road from me. I must resist the urge to be a fanboy, though, because constantly asking for more adventures would get, well, not good.


My Grade: A-


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