Writing as: Ken Cressman

According to the bio on Amazon: "Ken Cressman has been an electrician, carpenter, plumber, sailor, high school teacher, graphic designer, photographer, actor, theatrical producer, set designer, and a retail manager, among other things. He has lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (home of Pearl S. Buck and James A. Michener); New York City; Norfolk, Virginia and Wilmington, North Carolina. He uses his extensive knowledge of a wide variety of topics to help make his books as accurate and realistic as possible. He currently lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he is married to his childhood sweetheart, and he is currently (and always) working on his next book."

Series Books
Larkin & Colt Flight Of The Sparrow (2014)
  Pisces Rising (2015)
  Sins Of The Father (2016)
  Becoming Samantha Colt (2017)