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Full Name: Joe Brennan
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Sam Powers
Time Span: 2015 - 2021


Joe Brennan is an agent with the CIA.

He has been an operative for quite a few years, nearly a dozen when we first meet him, working in a field that seemed to change every year. A former SEAL who had put in a fair number of years in that profession, the last several of the Navy years were certainly spent attached to or working closely with Langley because though it is stated that he had worked as a civilian with the CIA in the National Clandestine Service department for seven years when we first meet him, he has been married to an Agency analyst for over a decade.

Carolyn is his wife's name and they have two young children, Jessica and Josh. They are a very happy family but like all families there are some issues that have come up. For one, Carolyn is an up-and-comer at headquarters and the potential is strong that she will rise in stature. Brennan, on the other hand, has no interest in or time for playing the political game. For another, Carolyn's job allows her to come home each night, albeit sometimes late, while Brennan's work takes him routinely out of the country for weeks at a time.

In our first meeting with him, Brennan has started to rethink his lifestyle in that regards, musing that being gone so long so often is not what he really wants. And Carolyn also opined that "his kids deserved a father who was around, not one who used the spectre of honor and duty to his country to skip out of town whenever he felt the itch."

Already mentioned that this 6' tall athletic agent did not play the hobnobbing game well, Brennan has had more than a couple of run-ins with desk jockeys who do play it and has rubbed wrong more than one person. According to someone higher up the chain, "Brennan was the kind of troublemaking know-it-all who would interject with a problem whenever possible." Obviously, the two did not get along very well.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2021

0 Bangkok Deadly Bangkok Deadly
Written by Sam Powers
Copyright: 2021

A prequel adventure explaining how Joe Brennan is recruited by the CIA.
Joe Brennan has left the navy, putting the SEALS and the trials of Afghanistan behind him. He's taking a long-deserved vacation in Thailand when he meets a mysterious American woman. When she disappears, his curiosity leads him into a world of seedy smugglers, powerful street gangs and a culture not his own. Whether he saves her or not, people are paying attention to how he performs under deadly pressure...

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1 Shadow Agenda Shadow Agenda
Written by Sam Powers
Copyright: 2015

It had been long rumored that a nuclear weapon on out there to be bought and now it is supposedly available if the price was right. Joe Brennan learns that an old friend and mentor had been killed while checking out the rumor and now it falls to Brennan to ascertain the truth. He will team up with a reporter out for the same story in a chase that will take them from South America to the south of France then to the capitol cities of Paris and Washington to stop a huge catastrophe.
[Note: this large volume combines into one adventure three previously released parts of a trilogy: Betrayer of Kings, Deadman Switch, and Fallout Zone.]
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2 The Ghosts Of Mao The Ghosts Of Mao
Written by Sam Powers
Copyright: 2019

The agents had been in place for three decades, sleeper agents known as the Ghosts of Mao. Now something has triggered their awakening and they threaten a major international peace conference. To stop them are two agents, Joe Brennan from the CIA and Chinese agent Daisy Lee, who must move the back alleys of Macau to the busy streets of L.A. to stop a horrific incident.
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3 Master Of The Reich Master Of The Reich
Written by Sam Powers
Copyright: 2021

"In South America, a scientist is slain... In London, a young hacker is on the run... In Washington, the balance of power is about to change...
Joe Brennan finds himself dragged back into the CIA Clandestine Operations section when a data from the UK government is linked to a global fascist movement. A quantum leap in genetic research may mean a brighter future for all mankind... or it may be the latest in a relentless struggle to re-establish an immortal evil, thought long dead... The U.S. election is just weeks away. Their enemies are without remorse, betraying everything they stand for in pursuit of a deadly secret weapon, the masterpiece of a master chemist."
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Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2015

1 Betrayer of Kings Betrayer of Kings
Written by Sam Powers
Copyright: 2015

Part 1 of a trilogy later published as Shadow Agenda.
"The ex-SEAL and agency asset keeps sticking his neck out for his friends and his principles, and his bosses keep trying to lop it off. But this time, things have gone way overboard; a sniper is taking out European bureaucrats, and a laundry list of dirty secrets could be exposed, secrets that run right back to Pennsylvania Avenue."
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2 Deadman Switch Deadman Switch
Written by Sam Powers
Copyright: 2015

Part 2 of a trilogy later published as Shadow Agenda.
"On the trail of an international sniper, Agent Joe Brennan must team up with a tenacious D.C. reporter to find out who's behind the rogue shooter and the real motive. From Angola, to Russia and across Europe, Brennan puts his life on the line even as those who should be helping him instead try to hunt him down, and it becomes clear how much is at stake."
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3 Fallout Zone Fallout Zone
Written by Sam Powers
Copyright: 2015

Part 3 of a trilogy later published as Shadow Agenda.
"Brennan and Malone take the fight to home soil, trying to avert a terrorist attack that could claim countless lives. But in the shadows, powerful forces stand ready to block their every move as an election nears. The fate of millions could rest on one single moment, and the countdown has begun... "
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I have enjoyed this series. I was a little confused when the first three books (really novellas) were united into one book but then while writing this entry, I noticed (duh!) that the promos clearly talked about their being a trilogy so the fault lay with me and not the author/publisher.

Brennan is the kind of reliable but strong-headed agent I like to follow. I also very much enjoyed Carolyn for she is definitely her own woman with her own ambitions but there are times when Brennan's independent streak and lack of desire to play nice with the home office does clash with her plans for the future. No huge angst or conflict to deal with but enough there to make it realistic.

The first book/trilogy came out several years ago but the second full adventure just recently arrived so perhaps that means the author is open to more adventures for Brennan. I hope so.

Addendum: A third adventure came out shortly after my entry so now there are three novellas turned into one book plus two more books plus a prequel. Lots of Joe Brennan to enjoy.


My Grade: A-


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