Writing as: Ian Loome, Sam Powers

According to the bio on his website: "Ian Loome grew up in the village of Bierton, England. He moved as a teenager with his family, dividing time between Angola, in west Africa, and Canada. 

He began his fiction career writing ebooks under the pennames “LH Thomson” for mysteries and “Sam Powers” for thrillers.

A former journalist in Ontario and Alberta, he covered stories ranging from foreign correspondence, politics and crime to fun features and celebrity interviews. He also wrote several nationally syndicated columns.

He served several stints as a legislature reporter, political columnist, soccer writer, assignment editor and newsroom manager. "

Series Books
Ian Loome
Bob Singleton Code Red (2023)
  Blood Debt (2023)
  Dead Drop (2024)
Other Quinn Checks In [Liam Quinn] (2014)
  Quinn Gets His Kicks [Liam Quinn] (2014)
  Quinn Goes West [Liam Quinn] (2014)
  Quinn and the Vanishing Bride [Liam Quinn] (2014)
  Quinn Gets the Blues [Liam Quinn] (2014)
  Quinn & The Dead Man's Daughter [Liam Quinn] (2014)
  Quinn Slips the Noose [Liam Quinn] (2014)
  Quinn Goes to Jail [Liam Quinn] (2015)
  Quinn Gets Hitched [Liam Quinn] (2015)
  Quinn Plays Ball [Liam Quinn] (2017)
  Quinn on the Clock [Liam Quinn] (2017)
  The Cafe Girl (2017)
  Quinn Gets Wise [Liam Quinn] (2018)
  Bullet to the Head [Liam Quinn] (2019)
  Snitches Get Stitches [Liam Quinn] (2021)
Sam Powers
Joe Brennan Shadow Agenda (2015)
  Betrayer of Kings (ss) (2015)
  Deadman Switch (ss) (2015)
  Fallout Zone (ss) (2015)
  The Ghosts Of Mao (2019)
  Bangkok Deadly (2021)
  Master Of The Reich (2021)