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Full Name: Todd Boling
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Congressional Aide

Creator: R. A. Lamb
Time Span: 2015 - 2019


Todd Boling is a Congressional aide.

He is no spy. No covert operative. Not one trained in such matters. No desire to be one. In fact, he is very much in the "haven't decided what" mood when we first meet him and is doing something different just to be different and to take a breather before deciding anything about his future. Some breather he finds.

He was a young man, likely 18 or 19, who was still applying to colleges, trying to decide where he would go if accepted and what he would study. In the meantime he was lucky enough, if such a word applies considering what was in store for him, to get an internship to stay and work the summer for his local Congressman. He figured it would be fun, interesting, something different, and a nice bullet point on his resume. [The bullet-point is my addition but in view of the number that start flying his way, it is more than apt.]

Boling hails from Houston where in high school he had been a long distance runner for his school's varsity track team. This shows he is in very good shape and used to strenuous exercise requiring considerable stamina. That quality will also prove extremely important in staying alive considering the number of people very earnestly seeking to find and eliminate him for having been in the wrong place at the wrong time and seeing the very wrong thing he saw.

In the first two adventures, it is definitely a case of someone having to react to very bad people doing very bad things and intending to do even worse things in the future. I guess he just got tired of defense and, when offered later on in the series a chance to go on the offensive, he readily agrees.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2019

1 Terrorist Attack Under Capitol Hill Terrorist Attack Under Capitol Hill
Written by R. A. Lamb
Copyright: 2015

When Todd Boling took the tunnel to the Capitol where he was an intern, he was present when an explosion rocked everything. In the haze, he saw several men wearing explosive vests, obvious suicide bombers who had not yet accomplished their goal. The FBI and the police try to protect this witness but the terrorists keep finding him. Certain there is a mole, Boling decides to hide himself from everyone.
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2 Witness Protection Witness Protection
Written by R. A. Lamb
Copyright: 2015

Todd Boling is forced to enter witness protection, leaving his family and his girlfriend behind. The new locale is Biloxi and there he is instructed to keep low and not make noise. He breaks those commandments when he reports a gang running a protection racket. He gets louder when he learns there is a connection to the terrorists in the Capitol bombing and suddenly he is back on both the hunt and the run to stay alive.
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3 Operation Counterstrike Operation Counterstrike
Written by R. A. Lamb
Copyright: 2019

Tired of being on the run or hiding out, Todd Boling is ready when he is offered a chance to join a new team ordered created by the President to go on the offensive tracking down terrorists inside the U.S. After intense training, he is partnered with a female agent named Diane and they go after the group causing so much disruption in Washington.
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This series started out really well with a terrific concept for the first adventure, changed direction but stayed just a good in the second one, and then veered really big again and got even better in the third.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, there is no fourth but considering the other three, I as a greedy reader would love to have a fourth. Not only are these books fun to read and well written, the curiosity of what would come next is pretty darn strong.

I liked the young man Boling. I really got to like the little-bit older Boling.


My Grade: B+


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