Writing as: R. A. Lamb

According to the bio on Amazon: "R A Lamb is a graduate of Brown University with a Master of Arts degree. He seriously began writing ten years ago and became an active member of a writers critique group so his work could be challenged by other published authors. Terrorist Attack Under Capitol Hill is the first of three books in the Todd Boling Series. The second is written and he is working on the third. The story was inspired by an intern he met during a tour of the Capitol though the rest is fiction. He has published other books on Amazon including the Ivory Bear Series written for the middle grade genre. The first, entitled Mystic Power of the Ivory Bear was based on his experiences while exploring the Arctic for his company. He lives near Houston with his wife and when not typing on his computer can likely be found on the golf course."

Series Books
Todd Boling Terrorist Attack Under Capitol Hill (2015)
  Witness Protection (2015)
  Operation Counterstrike (2019)