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Full Name: Ryan Decker
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Hostage Rescue

Creator: Steven Konkoly
Time Span: 2019 - 2021


Ryan Decker is a hostage rescue expert.

Well, for the brief episode at the beginning of the first recorded adventure, he is. That account details how the Russian Bratva, holding a good number of children hostage including the young daughter of a powerful U.S. Senator laid a devious trap to take out the team hired to rescue them.

They used purposely leaked intel to lure the men and women in Decker's World Recovery Group into a booby-trap. This killed most of the would-be rescuers, not to mention the hostages. They also used the FBI, already angry that a private company had been chosen over them, to mop up the surviving team-members. Then the mobsters, to send a horrendous message to the world to not mess when the Bratva, found the families of the team and eliminate those as well.

Decker lost his wife and one of his children. He lost his reputation and his freedom, charged with enough infractions and vilified enough in the news to land a 10-year prison sentence.

That is how we find him right after the botched rescue. Two years have gone by. Decker is expecting to spend the remaining eight years behind bars. Then he isn't. He is released without preamble or explanation. Luckily for Decker he is a very cautious man and since no one has seen fit to explain anything to him or to meet him when he steps out the door from the facility, he knows something is u.

Someone has decided it is time to end Decker for good.

Decker decides it is time to take the fight to the enemy.

Luckily he is not all alone. There is Harlow Mackenzie, a very attractive private investigator who has her own reasons for checking out Decker from the time he is released on, reasons that are her own but which will merge with his well-being once the two get an idea of what they are up against.

Decker is very capable of taking care of himself. He spent a fair number of years servicing in the U.S. Marine Corps and then even more years working black-ops for the CIA before going on his own with his specialty of rescue work and starting his own company.

Mackenzie is also very self-reliant, plying a dangerous job on the "gritty, unpredictable streets of Los Angeles" for more than a few years already.

It will be a very good thing they have each other.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Rescue The Rescue
Written by Steven Konkoly
Copyright: 2019

When Ryan Decker and team were hired to rescue a U.S. Senator's daughter from human traffickers, no one had any idea how much payback this would bring. The team killed, their families as well, and Decker framed and sent to prison. Now he is offered a chance to get out and get his own revenge but can he trust the man making the offer?
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2 The Raid The Raid
Written by Steven Konkoly
Copyright: 2019

A powerful U.S. Senator asks Ryan Decker and his partner Harlow Mackenzie to look into the deaths of two border agents but what they find is a plot a whole lot bigger than any of their thought and has its origin in the powerful Department of Defense.
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3 The Mountain The Mountain
Written by Steven Konkoly
Copyright: 2020

The same Senator from the previous mission asks Ryan Decker and his partner to locate a missing family friend. Unfortunately, that person is somewhere in the Northern California area called Murder Mountain and huge marijuana industry thriving there is protected by some very dangerous and well-backed white supremacists.
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4 Skystorm Skystorm
Written by Steven Konkoly
Copyright: 2021

Rest is not possible after Ryan Decker and his colleague Harlow Mackenzie hurt the criminal organization known as APEX. Decker's boss, Senator Margaret Steele, has learned of an international arms-trafficking operation that breaks an impressive number of laws. She sends Decker and Mackenzie to investigate which in turns starts the DC powerbrokers behind it into counter-attack mode and they have some very dangerous weapons.
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I enjoyed the first series that Steven Konkoly gave us, Daniel Petrovich in the Black Flagged series, but I had some issues with it and so it had a B as its grade. Just my opinion, as always.

I have no such issue with these, so far, two books and I hope there will be lots more to come.

Konkoly creates very interesting protagonists and he is especially good at coming up with female characters who can not only hold their own against their stronger male counterparts, they can usually out-think them (again, IMO). He maintains that with the very enjoyable and interesting Harlow Mackenzie. She is someone I would love to sit down for a meal with and just listen to her history. I would also love to have her on my side in a fight.

But Ryan Decker is the star of this series and while having him back me up in a scuffle would be good, making sure he is not angry with me would be important too.


My Grade: A-


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