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Full Name: Daniel Petrovich
Series Name: Black Flagged
Nationality: American
Organization: Black Flag Program
Occupation Agent

Creator: Steven Konkoly
Time Span: 2011 - 2018


Daniel Petrovich is an agent with the Black Flag Program.

He was and will be. When we first meet him, he had quit the organization, a special operations of the Department of Defense run by a gung-ho, and possibly not so stable, General Terrence Sanderson. It was Sanderson who conceived of the need for extremely well trained operatives taken from any branch of the military and honed to be the best killing machines possible. These ultra-sharp knives would not be used in normal combat but in the blackest of ops when the need to get it, dispatch (kill) a target, and get out again was called for.

Petrovich was one of the small number of agents working for the General and he was, the General had to grudgingly admit, the very best that he had and the best he had ever seen. Still, in any mission things can go wrong no matter how good the tool and in a mission to Bosnia during the height of the troubles there in the mid to late 90s, Petrovich had seen just how bad things could become. Working alongside a female citizen of that land, a woman named Zorana Zekulic, he had nearly completed his assignment when he was discovered and both of them endured horrendous torture. Unfortunately for those doing the torture, they did not know just how good both Petrovich and Zekulic really were. The pair survived. The torturers did not.

As the first recorded adventure begins, Petrovich was out of the business and using the MBA he had earned to work in the financial field, happily married to the Jessica, a beautiful woman with just the slightest of accents. Then the General contacted him with a request for help 'one last time' and a bit of a veiled threat to reveal who Jessica really was. Reluctantly, Petrovich found himself pulled back into that old life and so did Jessica. The General had to wonder, though, which of the two was the more deadly.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2017

1 Black Flagged Alpha Black Flagged Alpha
Written by Steven Konkoly
Copyright: 2011

Daniel Petrovich had once been a part of the Black Flag Program but no longer. At least not until he is pulled in against his will to do one last mission for his old boss but that will leave him on the run with a lot of people wanting his head, and something he knows.
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2 Black Flagged Redux Black Flagged Redux
Written by Steven Konkoly
Copyright: 2014

General Sanderson was looking for an opportunity to prove the need for his revived Black Flag program and he found it in Russia's search for Anatoly Reznikov, a rogue Russian scientist expert in WMD's. If Russia wanted to find him, the US needed to find him first and the General picked a team led by Daniel Petrovich to do it.
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3 Black Flagged Apex Black Flagged Apex
Written by Steven Konkoly
Copyright: 2013

Daniel Petrovich's black ops team, looking for the Russian scientist Anatoly Reznikov, designer of the horrific Zulu Virus, discover that every canister of the deadly material had found its way in the U.S. Now every member of the alphabet soup of intelligence wanted to take the lead in tracking them down.
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4 Black Flagged Vektor Black Flagged Vektor
Written by Steven Konkoly
Copyright: 2013

General Sanderson's Black Flag unit, spearheaded by Daniel Petrovich, had destroyed the Russian Cold War bioweapons program but now it was necessary to take on the person who was responsible for resurrecting the dreaded virus. The head of the CIA needs the help of Daniel and his wife, Jessica, one more time.
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5 Omega Omega
Written by Steven Konkoly
Copyright: 2017

Anatoly Reznikov, the Russian bioweapons scientist who had been captured by U.S. officials, has gone missing after two years, taking his research with him. The CIA bigwig who had orchestrated his capture back then, Karl Berg, with the work of Daniel and Jessica Petrovich, has been demoted through a run in with the White House. Now America needs all three one more time. It just does not know it yet.
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6 Vindicta Vindicta
Written by Steven Konkoly
Copyright: 2017

This adventure "takes place in the immediate aftermath of Omega, pitting General Sanderson's surviving Black Flag operatives and allies, against a monstrous, time-driven plot to reshape the United States in the warped image of TRUE AMERICA - a widespread domestic terrorist organization masquerading as a third-party political movement."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

1 Covenant Covenant
aka Jet Black
Written by Steven Konkoly
Copyright: 2018

In Uruguay, Jessica Petrovich and a team of Black Flagged operatives are about to finally take out Anatoly Reznikov, the Russian bioweapons scientist. At the same time, a Mossad team is in town to take down a Russian mafiya boss who was trying to sell Reznikov's weapon to the Iranians. The problem is neither team knows of the other and both targets are in the same hotel.
Note: this adventure takes place between Vektor and Omega. It was revised since its original release.
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First, this series is a cross of spy craft and military action with the Department of Defense and the Black Flag Program in it. When things turn to team operations, it is very much the latter and as such really does not belong in this compendium. Luckily, there are plenty of times when it is just the main character, Daniel Petrovich, doing his specialty or even better, his wife. Then it falls back into the spy biz, or at least the government assassin biz.

I really, really liked Petrovich and even more so his wife, Jessica. I say that because when the story is about them, it is a hoot to read and I would love more.

When it moves off either of those two, it gets really confusing to me. There are a ton of people doing a lot of things for all sorts of different reasons and keeping track proved a challenge that I failed. I found myself skimming the pages until one of the Petrovich's showed back up again. Mind you, some of the support characters are very interesting and a couple worthy of their own series but there were just too many of them.

But I did like the Petrovich couple. A bunch.


My Grade: B


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