Full Name: Jeff Bradley
Nationality: New Zealander
Organization: None
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: Ryan Thomas
Time Span: 2015 - 2018


Jeff Bradley is a vineyard owner.

He admits that when he was left the vineyard in New Zealand by a grandmother, he was not a particularly avid vintner. Still, he had promised the elderly lady he would maintain it and so even though it was in poor condition when he got it, he put his back into restoring it and he had been moderately successful at it, ending up with a pretty impressive award-winning Merlot and Chardonnay which had generated a few praising articles.

His determination at the task came from not only a fondness for the lady but also for something to do now that he had retired from his former career with the SAS. Bradley was a man of action for all his adult life, action that seemed to constantly put his life in danger and test his resolve. Now that those days were over, he needed something to occupy his time and his mind and the hard work came in handy.

Bradley's new life with the West Auckland vineyard is not, of course, the reason for his adventures being mentioned here. That comes because of his service at the end of his former life in the war-torn region of Kosovo. Enemies made while trying to keep the peace in that unpeaceful land have returned to strike back at him and even after some of that gets resolved, other things rise up to pull him from the vines.

His sense of duty and obligation to his former SAS mates and their families will not let him just ignore requests for help. Plus they do offer a chance to do something he was good at and which takes hid mind off the machinations of his ex-wife and her desire to get a nice chunk of money from the forced sale of the vineyard.

Bradley, though considered 'an old man' when looking at how long it has been since his service, keeps himself in excellent shape with constant visits to the pool and the gym. This is important not only for his health and his state of mind but also because considering the sort of trouble he gets into, he would be dead otherwise.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2018


I've never been divorced, having to deal with an ex who wants to make trouble largely just be be able to make trouble. If I did, and if I was a man of action like Bradley, I'd likely avidly go looking for the kind of trouble that Bradley gets into. To be fair to him, the trouble seeks him out but to be fair to the trouble, he does not seem too upset about facing it.

I really appreciate the honor that Bradley shows and his dedication to help his friends. I also appreciate the terrific writing skills of the author who makes very entertaining, smooth stories.


My Grade: B+


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