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Full Name: Adam Braxton
Nationality: American
Organization: CERT/CC
Occupation Other - Cyber-Security Expert

Creator: Jack Bowie
Time Span: 2015 - 2023


Adam Braxton is an agent with CERT/CC.

The acronym stands for the Computer Emergency Response Team which is a division of the American Intelligence community dedicated to tracking down cyber-terrorism and stopping it as well as strengthening the security of the Internet as every day brought new and innovative ways from the black hat hackers to cause trouble or worse.

Originally CERT, now CERT Coordination Center (or CERT/CC), was created back before the days of the Internet, around the year 1988 when it was discovered a college student had put a backdoor into Arpanet, the precursor to the Internet, and infected thousands of computers attached to the network and bringing the system to a halt. DOD's DARPA, working with the NSA, created CERT as a means of watching out for other such crafty intrusions onto the system and when the Internet came along, CERT's area of protection widened considerably.

Braxton is a cyber-security expert and has been one for some time. When we first meet him, he is looking for work with his bank account looking sparce, all due to an unpleasant divorce. That is when a call from CERT came in offering contractual work.

Braxton may be a whiz at the computer but he does not look like a 'typical' geek. He stands 5'11" weighing 165 pounds on a body that is strong and taut. He is considered quite good looking and sports sandy brown hair "still thick and curly" as well as having pale green eyes. He also does not act like a nerd who spends all of his time at the keyboard, enjoying sports of various kinds and spending a lot of time rock climbing, though the latter still amazes him that he enjoys it and puts up with the considerable scrapes and bruises his body endurs doing it.

He probably would not say that he enjoys the many hardships his body withstands as he gets a lot closer to the bad guys than most security personnel. Or perhaps the bad guys just naturally head to get him. Either way, it invariably results in a lot of action and excitement and numerous ways Braxton can find to nearly get dead.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Saracen Incident The Saracen Incident
Written by Jack Bowie
Copyright: 2015

Adam Braxton is asked by CERT/CC to check out a network anomaly. He finds the person who originally reported it had died soon after during a terrorist attack. The coincidence does not escape him but when he starts looking at both the anomaly and the death, Braxton becomes hunted himself.
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2 The Liberty Covenant The Liberty Covenant
Written by Jack Bowie
Copyright: 2016

Adam Braxton is hardly the man that the alphabet agencies would willingly ask for help, seeing as he does not like them. But they do ask when militia groups start coordinating their attacks. Then Braxton's ex-wife is murdered and Braxton has even more reason for going after the truth.

3 The Langley Profile The Langley Profile
Written by Jack Bowie
Copyright: 2018

A new Middle East Anti-Terrorism Accord is being hailed by those in power as a new milestone in the fight. Then the people doing the signing of the agreement start getting killed - by children. Meanwhile, the CIA, not one of Adam Braxton's favorite organizations, asks him to look into a Boston biotech company. He agrees but is soon framed for the murder of one of that firm's employees. The frame was done by a child.

4 The Jason Betrayal The Jason Betrayal
Written by Jack Bowie
Copyright: 2019

For a half century, a group of America's greatest scientists have routinely met to advise the government on a variety of subjects. When Adam Braxton is invited to brief this group, he is flattered - up until he learns they really want him to investigate them and find the traitor who has been selling national secrets. One caveat is he cannot let the government know.
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5 The Bergen Legacy The Bergen Legacy
Written by Jack Bowie
Copyright: 2021

"When the CEO of a clinical trials company receives a frightening whistleblower message, she asks her friend, security consultant Sydney Walker, to investigate the accusation. Then the apparent whistleblower is killed, and Walker goes undercover find the truth. What she discovers is that the company’s partner, a powerful multi-national conglomerate, may be involved in bioterrorism.
Her cover now blown, Walker is forced to go on the run, hiding from both law enforcement and the conglomerate’s deadly security force. Aided by her business partner, Adam Braxton, but haunted by events from her past, Walker risks her life to save her friend’s business and prevent another terrorist attack."
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6 The Osiris Inquiry The Osiris Inquiry
Written by Jack Bowie
Copyright: 2022

"For over ten years, security consultant Sydney Walker has grieved over the death of her father and mother, killed by an unidentified drunk driver. Or so she was told. But when a document appears that suggests their deaths weren’t accidental, Walker knows she has to investigate. As she peels back the lies surrounding the accident, Walker discovers how little she knew about her parents’ lives. Following the trail from a secret society in Boston, to a research lab in Beijing, to a defense contractor in Washington, Walker risks her life to learn the surprising facts behind her parents’ fate and stop an imminent threat to national security.
And when she uncovers the last piece of the puzzle, Walker realizes she, and her friends, have become the targets of one of the deadliest organizations on the planet."
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7 The Kodiak Countdown The Kodiak Countdown
Written by Jack Bowie
Copyright: 2023

"When cyber-security specialist Adam Braxton is asked to investigate the problems, he doesn’t expect to travel to an isolated launch site on Kodiak Island in Alaska. But he makes the trip and discovers a strangely coded message that could point to a saboteur.
Back in Washington, Braxton and his partner, Sydney Walker, decode the message only to then fall into the crosshairs of a vengeful former enemy, a ruthless presidential candidate, and a deadly intelligence officer. As their suspects keep dying, the pair will need the help of all their friends to stay alive and uncover the truth behind the conspiracy."
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Since Adam Braxton was a computer nerd, I figured I would like him a lot since we have so much in common. Of course I quickly saw we have nothing, other than computers, the same as he is in great shape and I ...  and he is really good looking and I ... and, ah, did I mention we are both into computers?

Do not worry with this series about being geeked out. The author does not let that happen. There is enough computerese to make me happy without being enough to make more readers yawn. And there is plenty of really enjoyable action and suspense to entertain any spy-fi fan.


My Grade: B+


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