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Full Name: Nick Winter
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: Khaleel Datay
Time Span: 2014 - 2015


Nick Winter is a freelance agent.

His specialty is finding bad people and helping stop their usually evil actions. "My rules were simple. No domestic matters, no killing of women and children, and cash up front. I was no vigilante or bounty hunter, though. My targets were killers, terrorists and the top brass in organized crime. People governments wanted found, but not necessarily returned, if you know what I mean."

Winter tells us at the beginning of the first recorded adventure that he is working as a "tracker and finder of terrorists for the highest bidder". Our introduction to him comes as he is in India on a contract for three basic reasons: 1) his funds ran low and the money they offered was good, 2) India was hot and London was cold, and 3) there was international tennis and a cricket test-match in Mumbai. Such are the kind of reasons Winter uses for taking an assignment.

Winter is the offspring of a British Army officer and a woman from the Kashmir region. He "grew up with a love for languages and sport" and might have headed in either direction for a career but instead tried the military like his much decorated father. It didn't take, though, for while his father "loved the discipline and order of the army", the son definitely did not.

"I loved the army, and everything that went with it, especially the weapons training. Guns, knives, and hand to hand combat, I mastered them all. The physicality of training was like a drug and I went at it like someone on a permanent high. The only thing I couldn't deal with was taking orders, a critical aspect to surviving the army."

The army in question here, however, was the South African Defence Force as Winter, though born in the U.K., completed his schooling in Cape Town and signed up with conscription called. While he would not remain with the military, "it was in the African bush that I learnt how to track people. The local San people were masters in the art of tracking, surveillance and counter surveillance". He learned all that he possibly could.

He got his start in his current occupation as a result of an approach by the SASS, or South African Secret Service. Though he never actually became an agent, he was affiliated with them. His strong anti-apartheid attitude was attractive to the government out to round up and bring to justice apartheid criminals who fled to Europe and Australia". He worked for them for several years. When the work wound down and the group he was connected to was finally dissolved, Winter "went to London to set myself up as an independent contractor".

We learn from an intro on Winter that he is "a keen scholar in Eastern history, religion and politics". He is "scarred by racial prejudice due to his mixed British/Indian parentage". And three interesting facts that will pay a part in his adventures: he "doesn't like taking orders, doesn't like confined spaces, and definitely doesn't like being taken for a fool".


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2015

1 The Winter Deception The Winter Deception
Written by Khaleel Datay
Copyright: 2014

His mission to India to look for an al Qaeda terrorist was, to Nick Winter, an easy assignment and one that promised time for playing tennis and cricket. He was wrong. When he encounters a murdered cell phone trader, he becomes suspected of getting hold of a Secure Data card and the SIS and Indian Intelligence and others are after his head for it.
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2 To Kill A Spy To Kill A Spy
aka Bitter Vengeance
Written by Khaleel Datay
Copyright: 2015

To get revenge on the man who betrayed him and framed him for murder, Nick Winter tracks his prey to Durban, South Africa where the man is selling ballistic missiles in a heated power struggle in the region. Winter wanted no part in the hostilities there, just to get his man, but you do not always get what you want.
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Nick Winter is an interesting character. The author did a darn good job making him just a wee bit unusual here and there; nothing to make him odd, mind you, just different enough to be noticeable and more importantly, memorable.

I have no idea why there were only two in this series because they were interesting enough to warrant more. I especially liked the fact that Winter was of mixed heritage - his Indian background made him fascinating and I would have loved even more about that. Still, there are two darn good adventures to enjoy so I encourage others to check them out.


My Grade: B+


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