Writing as: Khaleel Datay

According to the bio on Amazon: "Khaleel Datay lives with his family in Cape Town, South Africa. He divides his time between running a business consultancy, writing and painting.

Khaleel has followed up his debut novel, THE WINTER DECEPTION, with another explosive thriller, TO KILL A SPY. Set in turbulent post-apartheid South Africa, he explores the extraordinary social clashes following the death of freedom icon NELSON MANDELA. His second novel again features former soldier Nick Winter, this time hard on the trail of his one-time employer and persecutor of his love, Jasminder Singh.

Writing in a style that is 'fluent, warm and engaging' he draws you into the life of the protagonist from the moment the novel opens.

Khaleel's is a second generation South African with roots in Murud, Janjira over 225km south west of Mumbai, India, where his forebears served the sultan for successive generations. This to a large extent laid the foundation for his debut novel The Winter Deception."

Series Books
Nick Winter The Winter Deception (2014)
  To Kill A Spy (2015)