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Full Name: Petra Shirazi
Series Name: The Ahriman Legacy
Nationality: American
Organization: The Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Puja Guha
Time Span: 2014 - 2023


Petra Shirazi is an agent with the Agency.

That term is often used for denote the CIA but in this case it might not be since there are numerous references to the CIA doing something, each time it is phrased as though it was a different organization than the one Shirazi works for. To further that though, operatives within the organization talk once or twice about things like needing "access to databases as the FBI, CIA, and Homeland".

The action in the series takes place a handful of years in the future [first adventure published in 2014 concerning the year 2021] with occasional flashbacks a few years before. Further, though the main character is, in my opinion, Shirazi, her actions are all in action against and then in conjunction with a highly dangerous Iranian assassin known as the Ahriman. In fact the three-book series is entitled The Ahriman Legacy as it deals with the ramifications of a recruitment by Shirazi gone wrong and the resultant creation of a near-legendary assassin.

The trilogy is definitely a love story but one filled with considerable action and intrigue. Before the first recorded adventure, we learn through flashback how Shirazi is assigned by the Agency to head to Tehran to work as a field agent. There she will meet and become intimately close to Kasem Ismaili. When the counter-intelligence people begin to suspect her, she is forced to flee but Kasem is ensnared by a rogue Iranian general and "duped into working as an assassin", all to pay for the ransom of the woman he loved but who had not actually been captured. Such was how and why Kasem became the Ahriman.

Shirazi will change employment during the course of this series and will find herself first pulled back unwillingly to work for the Agency yet again and then will have to team up with her former lover turned adversary turned lover, Kasem Ismaili, aka the Ahriman.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2023

1 Ahriman Ahriman
Written by Puja Guha
Copyright: 2014

Out of the field for the past three years because of a mission gone bad, Petra Shirazi is surprised with a situation in Kuwait forces her back into action. The problem starts with a money transfer to pay for a set of terrorist attacks in that country, perpetuated by an expert in terrorist, the man called the Ahriman.
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2 Road To Redemption Road To Redemption
Written by Puja Guha
Copyright: 2017

Forced to live in Paris under an alias because of the fallout from her first run-in with Ahriman, Petra Shirazi thought she was out of the game until she is pulled back in to stop a plot to destroy those in charge of the IMF. The major problem with this mission is she must now work with Ahriman.
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3 Resurgence of the Hunt Resurgence of the Hunt
Written by Puja Guha
Copyright: 2019

An Agency operative was killed after infiltrating an arms dealer's organization. Petra Shirazi and the Ahriman are asked to put an end to the man's illegal activity.
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4 Reckoning From The Shadows Reckoning From The Shadows
Written by Puja Guha
Copyright: 2023

"After barely getting out of Russia alive, Veronica thought her life would finally be at peace...
However, her problems have only just begun. In April 2024, she comes face to face with her reckoning from the shadows at a safe house in New York—her ex-boyfriend and Agency traitor, Kevin.
Misjudged as an ambush, Kevin comes with a warning that the FSB is after her and disappears into the night. The hunt to bring him to justice begins.
She vows to stop him, but she can’t conduct the investigation alone. Some familiar faces enter the frame...

Petra Shirazi and Kasem Ismaili are rekindling their relationship and trying to leave their past with the Agency behind them. Under her new alias Ana Zagini, teaching Security Law in Paris, Petra finds herself at home while Kasem is still struggling with the aftermath of his imprisonment in Iran."
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This series is filled with both action and romance, a pretty hard combination to achieve. It has a good set of characters who are interesting to follow starting, of course, by Petra Shirazi but quickly moving to others like the Ahriman, Karem Ismaili, who is particularly engrossing as his motivations for both becoming and stopping being the assassin are fascinating. What would I do in such a situation? No clue. And glad I do have not have to find out.

Also interesting is a fellow named Chris who has to deal with his current love, Shirazi, going back to be with Ismaili, but then having to aid them in a way. Again, really glad I am not in his shoes!


My Grade: B


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