Reckoning From The Shadows

Reckoning From The Shadows

Written by Puja Guha

"After barely getting out of Russia alive, Veronica thought her life would finally be at peace...
However, her problems have only just begun. In April 2024, she comes face to face with her reckoning from the shadows at a safe house in New York—her ex-boyfriend and Agency traitor, Kevin.
Misjudged as an ambush, Kevin comes with a warning that the FSB is after her and disappears into the night. The hunt to bring him to justice begins.
She vows to stop him, but she can’t conduct the investigation alone. Some familiar faces enter the frame...

Petra Shirazi and Kasem Ismaili are rekindling their relationship and trying to leave their past with the Agency behind them. Under her new alias Ana Zagini, teaching Security Law in Paris, Petra finds herself at home while Kasem is still struggling with the aftermath of his imprisonment in Iran."