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Full Name: Angus McKinnon
Nationality: American
Organization: IMTF
Occupation Insurance Investigator

Creator: Nick Elliott
Time Span: 2014 - 2021


Angus McKinnon is a maritime investigator.

When a ship sinks or gets seriously damaged and there are insurance claims to be checked out before monies are exchanged, it falls to people like McKinnon to head to the scene and discover as best as possible who is responsible. He is very good at it and has been so for quite a few years making him an experienced detective respected in the industry. He works largely for the Caledonian Marine Mutual P&I Association, known in the industry as CMM and is their "correspondent in the East Med".

He also takes the odd job here and there, now and then, for the International Maritime Task Force (IMTF) which is "a shady offshoot of what was once British Naval Intelligence and was now merged into the Ministry of Defence's Intelligence Department". According to McKinnon, the IMTF "had been set up as a taskforce to investigate the spate of maritime fraud incidents which reached epidemic proportions in the seventies. Its success in getting to the route of these crimes ensured the IMTF's future. Before long they were supplying various EU and NATO naval organizations with intelligence relating to the flood of piracy attacks in and around the Gulf of Aden. It suited the IMTF's masters in the Ministry of Defence to retain its taskforce status. It allowed for greater flexibility and less accountability."

So while the CMM is McKinnon's true employer, many of the assignments he goes on are at the behest of the IMTF. While McKinnon might not think of himself as a government agent, it would be safe to say that others might, and do.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2021

1 Sea Of Gold Sea Of Gold
Written by Nick Elliott
Copyright: 2014

From the beginning Angus McKinnon suspected that the series of frauds being reported were somehow connected but he had no idea that the connection would throw him deep into a mess involving crime lords, syndictes, and government agencies.
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2 Dark Ocean Dark Ocean
Written by Nick Elliott
Copyright: 2017

Brought to Hong Kong by a shipowner who needs his help, Angus McKinnon is asked to look into a World War II wreck in the South China Sea. Doing so will get him mixed up in a plan to attack that city and to take hostage the entire Asia Pacific region.
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3 Black Reef Black Reef
Written by Nick Elliott
Copyright: 2018

Investigating a death is not something Angus McKinnon enjoys but the question whether the ship captain of a vessel committed suicide or was murdered must be answered by someone and he is the one tapped. The mystery will also include Nazi gold inside a bank vault and a planned coup d'etat which will force two superpowers to face off.
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4 The Code The Code
Written by Nick Elliott
Copyright: 2021

A prequel novel that "spans the Cold War and beyond, from the Cuban missile crisis to the dawn of the Millennium". It tells how a young Angus McKinnon, then a ship's bosun, befriends an idealistic Russian ship's officer and the two find a need to break-up a plan to destroy a Balkan city.
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Mucho years ago in another life in the Navy, I worked for a good while studying Soviet shipping - learning what ships went where told a whole lot about what was happening. Ships carry food and supplies and fuel vital to any activity so tracking stuff like that is important. When Ship 1 leaves Port A for Port B and doesn't get there, that is interesting.

Which is why I was intrigued by this series. Angus McKinnon had a job understanding ship movements though he looks more into fraud and other shenanigans.

His work is a whole lot more exciting than what I did but then again people were not trying to kill me for doing my job and McKinnon cannot say the same.


My Grade: B+


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