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Full Name: Robert McGraw
Nationality: British
Organization: Special Branch
Occupation Agent

Creator: Laurence Todd
Time Span: 2014 - 2020


Robert McGraw is an agent with the Special Branch.

That means that McGraw is both a policeman and an operative, working in the organization which in Britain straddles that border between being a crook-catcher and a spy-catcher.

He started out as the former, of course. That was almost always the way it was done with the Special Branch. He had worked for more than a few years with CID and earned his Detective Sergeant stripes many times over finding and putting away a lot of very nasty people doing very nasty things to others. Then he made the move to the Branch and continued to find and put away those who would do harm to his country.

McGraw is an interesting man in that he is friendly enough with his co-workers and the people he meets in his work but he is not very forthcoming about himself, even to us. We learn through a couple of very short and sweet statements that he lives in the western edge of London (Acton, actually) and shares his apartment with his "partner Karen". He mentions her but a couple of times in the numerous adventures we have and then always in passing. That does not mean he is a cold fish by any means; it could be just that he practices the art of listening over that of talking.

Some things he does let us know, through actions and not words, is that he is very good at his job and that he really enjoys doing it.

Good Line:
- About a petty crook about to find a good deal of trouble, "[he] had all the makings of a man destined either for a lifetime in prison or an early, possibly unmarked, grave".
- Regarding a paid assassin, "People like Gant were used to do the dirty work Government wanted to be able to deny."
- When asked by a junior colleague if he had a problem with the late Margaret Thatcher's politics, McGraw replied, "I have a problem with everyone's politics."


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2020

1 Gant! Gant!
Written by Laurence Todd
Copyright: 2014

The mystery to Robert McGraw starts with why an American Spec-ops turned professional assassin would take down two punks in London. It got more curious when some people high up in the Conservative Party wanted things hushed up.
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2 Kader Kader
Written by Laurence Todd
Copyright: 2014

The group of anarchists calling itself Red Heaven is being watched by an MI5 operative but perhaps that agent was a bit too involved. That is one of the worries that Robert McGraw with Special Branch has to be concerned with.

3 Mendoccini Mendoccini
Written by Laurence Todd
Copyright: 2016

Getting together with his good friend from his teenage years was something that Robert McGraw was looking forward to until he learned that his friend was connected with the terrorist group, Red Heaven.
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4 Thornwyn Thornwyn
Written by Laurence Todd
Copyright: 2016

Back when Robert McGraw worked in CID, his boss and mentor was someone that he greatly admired. Then the man, Thornwyn, was convicted of bribery and corruption and even more worrisome, things that threatened the security of the country. Years later, McGraw, looking into a MP's suicide, he finds there is a whole lot more to the Thornwyn story.
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5 The Rules The Rules
Written by Laurence Todd
Copyright: 2017

One unwritten rule in the cops and robbers game was that you did not kill a cop. Ever. Bad for business. When a young police officer is murdered and the clues point towards the intelligence community, it looked to Robert McGraw like a whole different rulebook was being used.
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6 Marius Marius
Written by Laurence Todd
Copyright: 2018

The man who was the bomb-maker of a car bomb in downtown London was identified. It should have been simpler then to bring him to justice. The problem for Robert McGraw and his team is that fellow had died fifteen years before.
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7 The Real World The Real World
Written by Laurence Todd
Copyright: 2019

The anti-armament group Armswatch has been monitoring the actions of weapons manufacturer Bartolome Systems. It reported that the company was sending arms to a third-world dictator against the rules. Robert McGraw was just starting his investigation with a prominent politician is killed and his death is somehow connected.
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8 Two Unit Two Unit
Written by Laurence Todd
Copyright: 2020

"Special Branch receives a chilling tip-off about suspected terrorists being in possession of something which will 'finally bring London to its knees'. But the individuals concerned have disappeared off the map, and DS Robert McGraw finds himself up against an unseen and ruthless enemy who will stop at nothing to further their cause. Along the way, McGraw discovers a plan that will kill hundreds if it succeeds."
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I have had a love of police procedurals ever since I met the people at the 87th Precinct. Spy fiction remains my focus but the occasional foray into the pol-proc world is always a pleasure. That is why I was so pleased with this series which combines the two wonderfully.

DS Robert McGraw is a police detective who hunts down spies and traitors instead of crooks and robbers. You can throw in the occasional assassin as well. And through it all McGraw remains a pretty calm and largely unflappable bloodhound.

I would never ever do anything wrong, let alone illegal or traitorous ... but ... if I did, I would not want someone like McGraw on my case.


My Grade: A-


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