Writing as: Laurence Todd

According to the bio on Amazon: "Laurence Todd left university in the mid 1970's dreaming his dreams but, because the universe works in ways we can't yet comprehend, became a teacher of Law and Business instead. He did this for more years than he cares to count but has now left the profession well and truly behind him and is focussing on stretching his imagination in directions that weren't possible whilst working in a school, and this has allowed him to develop his interests in the world of politics and espionage to create the character of Special Branch DS Robert McGraw."

Series Books
Robert McGraw Gant! (2014)
  Kader (2014)
  Mendoccini (2016)
  Thornwyn (2016)
  The Rules (2017)
  Marius (2018)
  The Real World (2019)
  Two Unit (2020)