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Full Name: Hugo Hawksworth
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Elizabeth Edmondson
Time Span: 2015 - 2017


Hugh Hawksworth is an agent with British Intelligence.

The time of the three adventures we have of this highly capable operative is the first half of the 1950s. The Second World War has been over for almost a decade and the people in the cloak and dagger world have moved from watching out for Nazis to watching out for Commies. Hawksworth was one of those and and become one of the department's better operatives. Then a bullet to the leg had put an end to that. "He hadn't lost his nerve, nor had the bullet been fatal. Just damaging enough to mean he'd never pass any fitness board."

With his former career now ended because with his lame leg likely to forever bother and hamper him, Hawksworth was ready to offer his resignation and look for something else to do with his life. His Chief was having none of that. "You had a good war, and you've done excellent work since then, I grant you, but it's over. Times are changing. It's brainwork, not brawn, that we need now, and you've got plenty of brains and a trained mind."

So Hawksworth finds himself, as the first recorded adventure begins, motoring four hours out of London to the Earldom of Selchester and the old castle which was and is the seat of power in that region for it was there during the War that a large number of classified documents were sent for safety during the Blitz and it is there that the Chief believes lies the evidence of more traitors like Burgess and MacLean.

And there is the continuing mystery of what happened to the previous Earl seven years before during a blizzard to cause the older man to just vanish without a trace.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2017

1 A Man Of Some Repute A Man Of Some Repute
Written by Elizabeth Edmondson
Copyright: 2015

The year is 1953. Intelligence operative Hugo Hawksworth, wounded on a previous mission, must take some time to heal. He does so at Selchester Castle where the mysterious disappearance of the previous Earl seven years before is reopened when a body is found. The police snab a man for the crime but Hawksworth is certain there is far more involved and it is right up his alley.
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2 A Question Of Inheritance A Question Of Inheritance
Written by Elizabeth Edmondson
Copyright: 2015

It is December 1953. Hugo Hawksworth is tracking down agents up to no good at a top-secret facility. Back at Selchester Castle, the new Earl, an American, is do to arrive and there is uproar in the village concerning him and his teenage daughters. There will be a strange connection between Hawksworth's investigations and the scandal back home.
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3 A Matter Of Loyalty A Matter Of Loyalty
Written by Elizabeth Edmondson
Copyright: 2017

It is January 1954. Someone at the top-secret facility known as the Atomic is passing secrets to the Soviets. When one of the scientists goes missing, British Intelligence is certain it was he but Hugo Hawksworth is not convinced. Then a body is found and the problems get a whole lot more complex.
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The Hawksworth three-book series is without a doubt a mystery series with a very good amount of Intelligence work thrown it. It is also a well-written and wonderfully smooth read that was a distinct pleasure to spend, especially on a couple of rainy evenings. Being a huge castle fan I was in love with Selchester Castle from the beginning and the many people in and around the grounds are diverse and interesting and, when called for, delightfully mysterious.

I surmise that the third book was finished by Anselm Audley after the passing of Elizabeth Edmondson. He continued her excellent work.


My Grade: B+


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