1948 - 2016

Writing as: Elizabeth Edmondson

According to the bio on Amazon: "write historical mysteries that I like to call Vintage Mysteries, since they're set in the nineteen-thirties, forties and fifties.

They're stories of love, marriage, families and friendship, where the loyalties, feuds, secrets and betrayals of the past cast long shadows into the present.

I'm fascinated by characters who are quirky, mysterious, funny, unexpected and interesting and I want readers to share, as I do, in their joys and sorrows.

With dramatic and glamorous settings from icy lakes to Italian villas, from wintry Budapest to fashionable France, from Cornwall to the Lake District, the landscapes are as powerful as the stories are complex.

The tense realities of life mingle with supernatural elements : ghosts, prophetic dreams and voices from the past, but fun and humour also dance in and out of the light and darkness of the stories.

My aim is to enthrall, delight and amuse readers as they are transported to a different era.

A review posted by a reader said my books take you out of the daily world and make the impossible seem possible--that's just what I want them to do."

Series Books
Hugo Hawksworth A Man Of Some Repute (2015)
  A Question Of Inheritance (2015)
  A Matter Of Loyalty (2017)