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Full Name: Zane Watson
Series Name: The Delphi Group
Nationality: American
Organization: The Delphi Group
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Sneeden
Time Span: 2014 - 2023


Zane Watson is an agent with the Delphi Group.

Some background on this agency. It is a "clandestine organization conducted investigations that the US government could not or would not associate itself with, primarily those involving bizarre events such as scientific advances, the paranormal, or any other category not suitable for transparent budgets". It was "created in the wake of the events that took place in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, the organization went from being directly under the auspices of the federal government to being privately owned and funded under the black budget of the CIA".

The "owner" and leader of the Group was Dr. Alexander Ross who was known, no surprise here, as the Oracle, the fount of wisdom located at ancient Delphi. The man had decidedly earned the leadership position since he had been a successful CIA case officer before moving up the chain of command to eventually serve a term as the Director of National Intelligence. "His no-nonsense approach, coupled with his natural affinity for clandestine work, made him the perfect leader for an organization like Delphi."

Zane Watson is considered by most to be the best operative this department had. "A former Navy SEAL, he had been honorably discharged after suffering a severe knee injury while on duty in Yemen. Disappointed at not being able to serve but determined to make the most of his life, Zane enrolled in computer science at North Carolina State University. He was able to obtain a bachelor's degree in only two and a half years, a testament to his strong work ethic and intellect."

After his knee was repaired, he moved into a bit tamer occupation as a flight instructor at Raleigh-Durham Airport. It was there that he started getting offers from Delphi to join them and eventually decided to agree.

"Zane was single, childless, and enjoying life as a flight instructor when approached by Dr. Alexander Ross, otherwise known as the Oracle, in the mid-2000s. The Oracle was determined to make the former SEAL the senior operative of the Delphi Group. He had heard of the man's reputation through various channels; Zane was known as a fearless soldier with a mind like a steel trap. It took a number of flights between Reagan National Airport and RDU, but the Oracle was eventually able to bring Zane on board by agreeing to let him live in Raleigh. The new operative would even be allowed to give flight lessons, as time permitted. The shrewd Oracle knew that it couldn't hurt to have a point man who was also a trained pilot."

So, when not at home, Watson is in the field where he knows he belongs.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Signal The Signal
Written by John Sneeden
Copyright: 2014

A NASA engineer has, prior to being killed in London, sent his daughter a letter with clues to who the killer would be. Zane Watson and his team at the Delphi Group are asked by the U.S. government to track down the clues. They lead to a plan of a secret group planning to use the CERN collider to rip a hole in the fabric of space to open a portal to other dimensions.
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2 The Portal The Portal
Written by John Sneeden
Copyright: 2015

When NASA receives a signal that they had once gotten from the Andromeda Galaxy they were excited. When it proves to be coming from the Amazon rainforest, they were concerned. An expedition to the region is called for but because of the danger, the chosen group need the protection of Zane Watson and his Delphi Group personnel, partially because the area they are going to is a region even the tribesmen there refuse to enter.
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3 The Hades Conspiracy The Hades Conspiracy
Written by John Sneeden
Copyright: 2016

For centuries people believed Hell was underground, beneath the surface of the Earth. When an archaeologist found a map said to actually show the way and then disappeared while investigating it, the Delphi Group is asked to look into what happened to him. Zane Watson and his people find that there is an ancient order that is also looking for the gateway to the afterlife.
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4 The Island The Island
Written by John Sneeden
Copyright: 2019

A biophysicist wanted to go into hiding to escape people who want to know the info he has recently come into but he gets kidnapped anyways. Zane Watson and his Delphi Group team are put onto his trail to get him back but that trail leads to a Caribbean island that has been uninhabited for decades, for apparently very good reasons.
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5 The Chamber The Chamber
Written by John Sneeden
Copyright: 2020

"In the dark of night, a team of assassins attack Delphi operative Zane Watson in his own home. Driven by revenge and the need for answers, Zane leads the Delphi team on a global chase that ends in Jerusalem, where they discover the dead body of archaeologist Solomon Glaser. Evidence gathered at the scene suggests Glaser was tortured and killed for information only he possessed.
With help from a woman the archaeologist entrusted with his secrets, Zane and fellow operative Amanda Higgs begin to unravel a conspiracy of epic proportions: an ancient order is responsible for Glaser's death, and the group will stop at nothing to find the location of a place that some call the Chamber."
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6 The Anomaly The Anomaly
Written by John Sneeden
Copyright: 2021

"Armed with ground-penetrating radar, a group of astronomers detect an anomaly buried in the ice beneath their research station. Believing the structure could be an alien spaceship, the US government organizes a team of experts led by Delphi operative Zane Watson. The group arrives at the station in the midst of a record winter storm, but they soon discover the weather is the least of their problems."
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7 The Ezekiel Code The Ezekiel Code
Written by John Sneeden
Copyright: 2023

"Delphi operative Zane Watson, archaeologist Silas Pierce, and Russian defector Anya Sokolov lead a team to the island nation of Madagascar. They're searching for an ancient biblical treasure that is said to be linked to the end of the age. As the group probes deep into the dark rainforest, they encounter a host of dangers, from a group of sadistic mercenaries to mythical creatures feared by the locals. Zane is also being tracked by a mysterious figure from his past. But the worst is yet to come. As the team arrives at their destination, they encounter a horrifying threat they never saw coming."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Betrayal Betrayal
Written by John Sneeden
Copyright: 2017

When the man woke up in a strange place, he has no clue where he was or how he got there. He soon learns from ease-dropping that there are other captives as well. He and another prisoner, a woman named Danielle, manage to get free but when they decide to learn what was really going on, they learn more than they wanted.
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I was predisposed to like Zane Watson - he's an NC State grad. A member of the Wolfpack. My wife was one as well. Second best university in the Research Triangle of North Carolina, next to UNC. Duke is third. All IMHO, of course.

Beyond that bias towards the school, I got a kick out of Zane Watson and his Delphi Group.

Having a boss known by and referred to as the Oracle seems a bit odd and at times a tad spooky but that seems a minor quibble for all the action this series continually gives the readers, like me.


My Grade: B


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