Writing as: John Sneeden

According to the bio on Amazon: "John was born on the coast of North Carolina, and thanks to his mother, a voracious reader, he discovered books at a very early age. If not outside playing basketball or fishing with friends, he could be found curled up in a living room chair with an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel. In fact, it was Burroughs who first kindled his love for escapist fiction.

After a twenty-five year career in banking, John decided to turn his life-long passion for reading into a career as an author. He still lives in the southern United States, and when not writing he loves to travel and follow NHL hockey."

Series Books
Drenna Steel Retribution (2021)
  Collateral Damage (2022)
Zane Watson The Signal (2014)
  The Portal (2015)
  The Hades Conspiracy (2016)
  Betrayal (ss) (2017)
  The Island (2019)
  The Chamber (2020)
  The Anomaly (2021)
  The Ezekiel Code (2023)
Other Death List [Silas Beck] (2018)
  Cold Blood [Silas Beck] (2018)