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Full Name: Rob Chandler
Series Name: Tapped In
Nationality: American
Organization: SIFTR Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mark Wayne McGinnis
Time Span: 2014 - 2015


Rob Chandler is an agent with SIFTR.

That stands for Services of International Financial and Tactical Resources. Quite a mouthful. This is a private organization, a consortium as they call it, that tries to control things all over the world because "economics span across borders. Interests must be protected, even if that means one's country, or origin, takes a slight hit". That does not sound like the good guys but then I'm not part of them so what do I know.

Chandler being an agent really isn't quite true, either. At least not at first. He had to change first. And by change, I really mean change, as in go through a major incident that would alter him considerably. A car crash. Being pinned in the wreckage. Having a tanker carrying who know what smash into the mess. And a major powerline fall into the mix. When he miraculously survived all that and was rescued, he realized he had somehow gained an ability.

He could read minds.

That is an incredibly useful skill when one is offered a job as a spy.

Not so good in a relationship, though.

The series about Chandler is entitled "Tapped In". That expression is one that Chandler came up with for his unique abilities. What it is, briefly, is explained by him as, "I can read minds. More than that, I can influence others' thoughts". The "tapping in" part fits then because he can tap into the thoughts of those he is interested it.

Now, as mentioned, such an ability would be great for any would-be agent. Given to a man like Chandler, someone who already was an agent, it is triply so. Chandler had been an agent before the accident gave him this new power and it would not take someone with his background long to know how to take great advantage of it, except for the fact that as a result of the same accident that granted him this ability, he has no memory of anything.

That is bad, especially since he is on the run from a lot of people who want him dead.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2015

1 Mad Powers Mad Powers
Written by Mark Wayne McGinnis
Copyright: 2014

Rob Chandler is having a particularly bad day. He comes to and finds he has been in a horrible car accident and is in pain and unable to move. He cannot remember who he is or how he got into this trouble. Then an 18-wheeler plows into the car he is stuck in. And then a 30,000 volt power line drops onto the car. After that, things get weird and people start wanting him dead.
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2 Deadly Powers Deadly Powers
Written by Mark Wayne McGinnis
Copyright: 2015

As an agent for SIFTR, Rob Chandler is asked to look into the WWZ's latest attempt to cause major trouble for America. This will involved going undercover at a 1881 re-creation of the town of Tombstone and being able to use his Colt .45 handgun like a gunslinger from that period.
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     This far-too-short series is a great combination of spy fiction and the paranormal and watching Chandler ever so slowly get a handle on his new powers is fascinating, as is watching him use them later.

     The author has made one heckuva name for himself, in my opinion, in the science fiction realm with his very impressive bibliography. His taking the time to step into the spy-fiction field with this series is welcome. It is a shame that did not stay too long because he has a whole lot of talent and I really liked Chandler.


My Grade: B+


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